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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: status of the ODF toolkit release
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 09:31:29 GMT

Two comments below.

On 23.01.2013 06:13, Dali Liu wrote:
> Dear all,
> One of my customer is using the ODF toolkit Simple API to build their
> application, they want to include our new release package to their solution.
> They find following bugs on the Simple APIs TextSelection.replaceWith()
> methods , some of the issues can be a release blocked. We am fixing these
> issues, So I propose that I paused the release process, until the critical
> issues be fixed.
> The issues list:
> 1.When replacing some text "at the beginning of a document with a
> paragraph","positioned directly after a page break with a paragraph","at
> the beginning of a table's celltext with a paragraph" an empty paragraph
> will be added
> 2.When replacing the same text several times in a series, not all instances
> will be replaced.
> 3.When replacing some text with a file, all images are lost.
> 4.When replacing some text with a file,in the case where the paragraph
> containing the text-to-be-replaced has no other content, then the inserted
> document will have its sequence of paragraphs reversed.
> 5.When replacing some text with a file, some properties of paragraphs are
> lost.
> 6.When replacing some text with a file, style list in output file has
> several style sheets named irritatingly with identical names followed by
> differing numbers.
> For issues 1-5, they will be buges, we will fix it soon and commit them to
> trunk.
Perhaps you like to add JUnit tests to reproduce the above problems as
regression tests?
> For issues 6, it worked as design, we copy the styles from source file to
> target file, if the style name already exist in target file, the name be
> changed to follow by differin numbers. To avoid this propose add new api
> about replace with file, don't copy the styles from source file to target
> file.
The replacement might be useful as well.
Think of the some semantic groups of styles in ODF, as the 9 levels of
heading or lists, which always have the same naming in some ODF
Sometimes the use case is that the old style have to be replaced, think
of switching to a new Corporate Identity  & Design. In this case the old
styles should no longer be usable.

> Do anyone found other critical issues on ODF toolkit? We can try to deal
> with them together.
Thanks for the update!
> 2013/1/17 Oliver Rau <>
>> Sounds like a plan.
>> On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 6:57 AM, Dali Liu <> wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> It seems that no new patches need be committed to trunk now.
>>> Base on current code base I am doing the finial test. If there is no new
>>> issues be found I promote to use it as our RC.
>>> Here is a simple steps in my mind for the release.
>>> 1.This week let's do the finial test.
>>> 2.Sent out RC build by the end of next week.
>>> 3.Verify the RC build and Start Vote.
>>> Is this fine? Do anyone have other suggestions or comments?

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