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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: Code freeze at the end of this week.
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2012 10:07:31 GMT

I got problems to integrate the RDF support for ODF Toolkit, perhaps
someone could give a helping hand as I ran out of time.

In theory all patches of the issue can be found at

but they have already been accumulated on github for a better review
handling to the following patch

You may oversee the overall history

and compare it with the main trunk

Doing so you may notice that on the last day of the patch of the RDF
repository, the encryption patch was revoked and some other had to be
reapplied, which seem to cause trouble for merging.

In addition there are problems with line endings, as we switched all
line endings to Unix as we worked with Windows and Linux VM on the same
source tree on a shared directory making code comparison more difficult.
(Can we do this in general for ODFDOM in the future?)
And finally, sometimes the student seem to have a different indent as
the usual, showing up changes, where no semantic was changed.
 (Arn't there tools in Maven to check for a uniform indent?)

All together, we could name it a real nightmare before Christmas!

On the other hand the RDF support for the ODF Toolkit is a huge feature
for this project and would provide additional marketing effect to the
next version.
Therefore I still hope that someone could push this over the line.

Thanks in advance,

On 05.12.2012 04:10, Dali Liu wrote:
> Dear all,
> We are planning to release a new version of our ODF toolkit.
> From previous discuss we choose this weekend(12/07) as the codes freeze
> date.
> Please try to commit your patches to SVN before the date.
> If you are working on something and want to deliver it in this new version
> please speak out, Let's choose another codes freeze date.

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