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From Liu Da Li <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL]Add new Simple API to apply user customized styles to table.
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2012 07:35:04 GMT
2012/8/3 Rob Weir <>

> On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 9:30 AM, Kejia Ye <> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I'd like to propose a new Simple API which could apply user customized
> > styles to table. The similar function can be found in OpenOffice as '
> Table
> >> AutoFormat', which refers to 5 cell properties, number format, font,
> > alignment, borders and background. Customers usually have their own
> > customized table styles to process specified kind of data. So it would be
> > nice to let them define the styles once and apply them everywhere they
> need.
> >

One thing need be consider that how the customized table styles be stored.
it seems that there doesn't have a table style object in AOO applicatio.

> > As for the input of the style, an easy way is to let customers create
> their
> > own styles in a document and the API can import the document and find the
> > specific table by its name, like Table.applyStyle(TemplateFile,
> TableName).
> > This would be easy for customers, they don't need to know more about the
> > style definition and can create their styles by any word processor, like
> > OpenOffice. But this would leave complex details to the API
> implementation,
> > since not all the word processors support the <table:table-template> by
> > now, the styles applied on a table may not be easy to extract.
> >
It's hard to read the table styles from template and also it's hard to
apply this customized table style to target table.

> OK.  Hopefully you have looked at the markup that is generated when
> you use table AutoFormat in OpenOffice.  If you do you will see that
> it is not really the same thing as a style definition on ODF.
> AutoFormat is more like a template, a collection of multiple table,
> column and cell styles that look good together.  But the ODF that
> OpenOffice generates is just separate style definitions.  There is no
> high-level support for <table:table-template>.
> Two other things that make this more complicated:
> 1) If the user wants to later edit the document in their editor, and
> manually create a new table, it will be hard for them to make it look
> like the same styles as the one created by the Toolkit.    Compare
> this to creating normal named styles for text or paragraphs or lists.
> These style names would show up in the styles lists in the OpenOffice
> UI so the user can pick them.  But new AutoFormat templates are not
> put in the OpenOffice UI.  Maybe this is OK for your use?

2) Need to be careful about interaction with the table size.
> A) You probably can't apply the AutoFormat to an empty table, since
> there are no cells to apply the styles to,
> B) If you add rows or columns to a table after the AutoFormat is
> applied, then you need logic to determine how the new table elements
> "inherit" styles from neighboring rows and columns of the table.
> Easiest case would be to apply AutoFormat after the table is at its
> final size.  But it is hard to predict what order a user will do
> things.
> C) If you "import" a table AutoFormat from another table, it is easy
> if both tables are the exact same size.  But if they are different,
> then you will need some logic to figure out what the pattern is.  For
> example, is it a shaded row header and column header with alternating
> row colors?  or something else.  If there are just a handful of common
> patterns that we recognize then this is easy.
> Or maybe the cleanest thing is to just borrow the tabe:table-template
> definition, and use that in the API, but serialize it as separate
> styles.  And then if OpenOffice supports table-template in the future,
> we can change the serialization logic, but user code would remain the
> same.  In other words, we could use table:table-template as a good
> abstraction in the toolkit.
> Does anyone else have ideas?

>From the description this requirement is more like a application level
operation. maybe it's not suite provide as a API until OpenOffice support
the table-template.

> -Rob
> > Meanwhile, I saw there were some similar topics around customized default
> > styles( on JIRA,
> but
> > I'm not sure whether they're overlapped to some extent. And there've been
> > no updates about that topic for some time, so if someone is still working
> > on that issue please let me know and any comments are welcome.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Kejia Ye

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