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From Ian <>
Subject Number of paragraphs
Date Sun, 27 May 2012 09:22:04 GMT
Hi All,

I am using the ODFDOM code to poke around looking into the structure
of ODF documents.
I am still trying to figure out much of the detail but hit a possible
design issue with the SimpleAPI.

I was simply trying to derive the number of paragraphs in my almost
"Hello World" document.
I knew how many I expected. But struggled a little to get the number
from the API.

My first attempt was to use
   OdfElement paraContainer = document.getParagraphContainerElement();
   NodeList paras = paraContainer.getChildNodes();

And get the number of nodes. Because of the <text:sequence-decls> in
my document the number was too high.

What I really need is.
   NodeList realPs = paraContainer.getElementsByTagName("text:p");

If the aim of the Simple API is to avoid users needing to know XML etc
then I think we need to add a numberOfParagraphs function or
I assume this also applies in other cases too.

Then again it may only be me that is interested in quantifying the
contents of a document? And if it where added where would we stop?
The additional variations could be huge, effectively providing a query
interface and count function.

I am also sending this to see how many folks there are out in the
ether, active on ODFDOM.
I am still getting my head around the details of how it hangs together
and the code generation templates etc. But will be happy to help where
I can.



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