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From Tao Lin <>
Subject [GSoC 2012] Add ODF 1.2 RDF metadata support to ODF Toolkit (Tao Lin)
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2012 11:02:51 GMT
Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Tao Lin, a third year undergraduate student from China. I'm
very interested in GSoC 2012 project: Add ODF 1.2 RDF metadata support
to ODF Toolkit. I have good knowledge of semantic technologies, such
as RDF, OWL, SPARQL. I'm also familiar with the mainstream Java based
RDF/OWL processing tools like Jena, Sesame, AllegroGraph. I have
strong Java coding skills with of good knowledge of the software
design patterns. Last year, I was accepted by GSoC 2011 and
successfully completed a project for LanguageTool [6]. This summer,
I'd like to contribute to ODF community in this "RDF metadata support"
project, because I find my abilities match the project requirements
very well.

I just studied the provided documents [1] [2], and the OWL file [5]. I
also found some slides [3] and a document [4] demostrating some
examples. However, not all of the documents are up-to-date: [4] is
composed in 2007, and [3] is published last year. I can understand
most of the specification, but I''m quite confused with some parts
because of the inconsistency among the documents. Could you help me
with the following questions?

(1). As is showed in [2], RDF Metadata are of two types:
4.2.1 In Content Metadata (RDFa)
4.2.2 manifest.rdf
Are both of them within the scope of this GSoC project? Or just the second one?

(2) In page 12 of [3], is the old OWL Class"pkg:Package" replaced by
"pkg:Document"? I can not find "pkg:Package" in [1], [2] or [5].

(3) In page 15 of [3], it uses "pkg:idref". But in page 7 of [4], it
shows "odf:idref". I can not find the definition in [1], [2], or [5].
Which one is correct?

(4) For "In Content Metadata", besides the supported 5 elements showed
in page 16 of [3], the additional 6th one is
"<table:covered-table-cell>" according to [2]. Is that true?

(5) As is showed in page 17 , for "In Content Metadata", we don't use
manifest.rdf to map the "xml:id" to RDF IRI, do we? I think, there are
no "In Content Metadata" information in manifest.rdf. Is that true?

(6) In page 18 of [3], we have <text:meta-field>. What're the
differences of <text-:meta-field> and <text:meta> (in page 16 of [3])?
Are they visible or invisible to users?

(7) How to use "odf:prefix" and "odf:suffix" for <text:meta-field>?
Can you show me some examples?

(8) In [5], we have "odf:Element" and "pkg:Element". What're the
differences? I'm also confused about the namespaces of "odf" and
"pkg". Sometime we use "odf" (e.g. odf:ContentFile), while others are
"pkg" (e.g. pkg:MetadataFile). Why?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Yours faithfully,
Tao Lin

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