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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: OdfPackage not throwing an exception on I/O errors
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 23:42:40 GMT
On 22.03.2012 20:45, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 1:34 PM, Jeremias Maerki <> wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> is there a special reason why, String)
>> catches all IOExceptions, logs them and just continues? While I can see
>> the problems in the logs, my code thinks everything is fine and
>> continues normally.
> I can't think of a good reason.
I can not think of a good reason, either. Already discussed it with
Jeremias this evening by phone and agreed to throwing Exception in
general, unless the user could gather more user information (robustness)
or more information about validness, in this case the ErrorHandler
mechanism should be uses.

In addition we found out that for the line
data = mMediaType.getBytes("UTF-8");
should better raise an OdfValidationException for the validator, in case
this "mimetype" named file, being first in the ZIP is not being encoded
as ASCII, see
Well, we might here even exchange UTF-8 to ASCII, making it more
restrict - although first 128 char are similar, some might have used
other UTF-8 characters within, which would be invalid ODF.

For those new on the list, the pkg.OdfValidationException is inheriting
from the SAXParseException and enabling the similar mechanism meant for
SAX XML parsing for the ODF Package.

To summarize:
While parsing an XML file it is not desired that the parsing stops at
the first invalid XML by an exception. Instead the exception will be
given to an ErrorHandler, which differentiated between warning, error
and fatalerrors.
These three levels are mapped to a specification where something should
be used, shall be used and in the last case does not work at all.

I have extended the concept of the ErrorHandler not only for XML
validation errors, but as well for arbitrary ODF validation errors, like
within the package, when certain mandatory files are missing.
I take advantage of this concept at the ODF Validator, when a single
default ErrorHandler from the JDK can be reused to gather validation
results. and lists the
problems that are currenlty being checked and the
and are testing the test mechanism with some nice
test tools as

>> Furthermore, the public save() methods all throw Exception which is
>> rather bad style.
> I assume you mean that they should limit themselves to IOException?
>> Can we please change that? I'll offer to write a proposal in form of a
>> patch.
> If you can contribute a patch, that would be great.  But please do a
> complete rebuild, to make sure the unit tests still work.
> So from the top directory:
> mvn clean install -Ppedantic
> Thanks!
> -Rob
>> Thanks,
>> Jeremias Maerki

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