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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: Jenkins build became unstable: ODFToolkit #29
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:04:45 GMT
I need some help on this riddle:

On 01.03.2012 20:36, Apache Jenkins Server wrote:
> See <>
Similar as in build 19 and 20 the Simple Api meta test have failed,
therefore the build is unstable,
This test is a clone of a similar from ODFDOM

Why is the ODFDOM test passing and the Simple test failing?
If the Simple test passes, just initiate the variables with values not
in the both test docs:

Their meta.xml holds:

You might want to put the variables to:
private String initialCreator = "creator2";
private String dccreator = "Mr. fictionalTestUser2";
private String printedBy = "IO";
private String language = "DK";

BTW I have created a Windows build as Yegor suggested -
I planned to give a show-and-tell about the RAT issue to their
developers, but the build took eternities to get started and Rob fixed
the Windows issue meanwhile - which is basically good.

PS: Those tests should be merged when ODFDOM DOC API and Simple API come
But be CAREFUL! If the incubator patch is only thrown away, the my
template update functionality (the @ignored test - which might be as
well moved somewhere else) would be lost.
Back when I did the build, I updated the templates to the latest
revision number, so customers would be able to see, from what version of
ODFDOM the document was created, currently it is still:
Best we would add the ODF Toolkit name and version within.

If there is a check-list for doing a release, we should add it - ATM
could not find the list. Devin, you have a ref?

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