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From Ashok Hariharan <>
Subject Re: Simple API and ODFDOM interoperability issue
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 12:17:36 GMT
On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 2:48 AM, Svante Schubert
<> wrote:
>> Instead of assuming that the input document is always a Simple Document
>> type , shouldnt the cast be more dynamic, and cast based on the type of the
>> owner document ?  Or is this by design the APIs are not intended to be
>> interoperable ?
> Not intended to be interoperable it was a fork.
> But forget the DOC API and move it over to Simple. If there is something
> missing in Simple discuss it on the list.
> IMHO an easy access to ODF automatic styles is still missing. Automatic
> styles (or the hashmap of them) are an implementation detail and should
> therefore not be part of the Simple API and are yet part of DOC to be
> removed.
> Therefore they should be generated into ODFDOM. Easy. Simply telling the
> generator, whenever an element with multiple children exist, which have
> an ID (or attributes we specify as ID - e.g. style:name and
> style:family) a hash-map is being prepared for the parent and created &
> filled during first access. Unfortunately this bold plan is blocked by
> Long story short, stick with Simple, help to extend it, like
> recontribute your helper API back to this project so we might grow.

Svante --

thanks for the detailed explanation. I will switch over to Simple,  I
certainly will contribute back some of our functionality into
odftoolkit. Let me start switching over to Simple, and then I will
submit the additional apis via the issue tracker.



> Thanks,
> Svante

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