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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Combine ODFDOM and Simple API
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 23:32:11 GMT
On 23.02.2012 09:30, Devin Han wrote:
> Hi all,
> As you know we will remove the deprecated ODFDOM DOC layer and replace it
> with Simple API in the 2nd release. After that, ODFDOM will focus on low
> level dom/package layer, while Simple API focus on the high level
> convenient API. That would be a good news for users.
> Now, I have a new idea that why not combine ODFDOM and Simple API together?
> If we do that, the advantages are:
> (1) The user only needs to download a single jar. Include to classpath
> easily and no need to care about the version dependency between ODFDOM and
> Simple API.
I would rather got the opposite way and split ODFDOM into a odfdom.jar
and a odfpackage.jar to have a better modularization.
The ODF specification comes along with a three parts. ODF XML, ODF
formula and package for a reason. We should adapt the given modularity.

Still we might and should ODFDOM and Simple API join to provide a single
ZIP, as they belong semantically closer together as the other projects.

I do not see the download of multiple Jars as a problem.
Users tend to use build tools as Maven automated the download the jar or
download a jar only once. As mentioned we might even bundle jars to a
zip for manual download, as for instance Apache Xerces does.
> (2) ODFDOM and Simple API javadoc are together, user can find class, method
> easily.
Quite the opposite. Simple API is called simple as you do only have such
a little powerful API calls, which bundle several DOM API calls.
If combine them, you will have again a jungle of an API.

In addition Simple and ODFDOM are different views on the model, we
should keep them separated.
Currently I am trying to evolve ODF operations to be serialized for ODF
change-tracking at OASIS.
In the end it is very close to the Simple API and should be later be
implemented as such, see

> (3) People, who only use ODFDOM before, has a chance to use Simple API to
> improve the efficiency. The jar of Simple API 0.7 is only 444.8 KB, would
> not take too much space.
I would indeed adapt our documentation / markering and put odfdom and
simple documentation closer together. Allow the jars and API being
downloaded as one, as they belong together.
> The questions are:
> (1) We need a new name for ODFDOM&Simple API.
> (2) What's the new package name of Simple API?  Inherit ODFDOM DOC Layer
> name or change nothing?
Therefore a mixed answer:
+1 for moving ODFDOM and Simple API closer together via wiki/website
documentation, Maven subproject and download bundle (ZIP)
-1 for moving ODFDOM and Simple API JavaDoc and JAR level together

- Svante

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