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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Are we doing the RC vote right?
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 00:38:27 GMT

On Jan 5, 2012, at 1:19 PM, Rob Weir wrote:

> The RC7 vote is a little confusing. Since there are a number of other
> projects that are interested in the ODF Toolkit, we cc'ed them all in
> the vote thread, along with this list and the Incubator general list.
> That, coupled with this being our first release, has lead to a "messy"
> voting thread.  For example:
> 1) We have a +1 from Yegor, but that made it only to the Tika dev list
> 2) We have several +1's from PPMC members here on odf-dev
> 3) We have one +1 from a PPMC member to odf-private
> 4) We have no +1's from IPMC members on this list or on the Incubator
> general list :-(

Yegor is on the IPMC. Mentors must be on the IPMC. He did not state that his vote was "binding"
- but I *think* that is implicit.

BTW - I've just been elected to the IPMC to be a Mentor for Apache Flex.

> My guess is the cc'ing to multiple lists may have caused some confusion.

It certainly did.

> What is the best practice here?  Send to only to general@incubator and
> cc odf-dev?  Should we be posting our (non-binding) votes and test
> summaries to general@incubator rather than odf-dev?

What I've seen is that the vote occurs on the project's dev list first. Then a vote - results
email on odf-dev. Then an IPMC vote on general@i.a.o. 

In the future if we want to tell other projects about our votes let's make that a separate
email. IMO a subject like "[FYI] Voting on a release candidate for ODFToolkit" would be helpful
and clearly not the [VOTE] thread.

Everyone has different filter rules on their mail and are on more than one project. Mine came
into poi-dev, I guess Yegor has Tika before Poi and ODF on his filter list. Let this be a
lesson learned about cross posting.a VOTE thread.

> Any ideas on how to get this vote back on track?

Put the results together in a [VOTE][RESULTS] email for odf-dev.

Then send a [VOTE] thread for the IPMC votes to general@i.a.o.

Here's an example from ManifoldCF:

> Hello Incubator IPMC,
> Please vote on whether or not to release ManifoldCF 0.4-incubating,
> RC2.  This RC has passed our podling vote and awaits your inspection.
> You can find the artifact at
>, or
> in svn at
> Thanks in advance!
> Karl

Wait for the IPMC to vote - theirs are the binding votes.

If they don't like how the vote was run then they'll certainly let us know. If you are not
subscribed now  to general@i.a.o you ought to be during the vote.

Does this make sense? Let's turn in our homework even if it is not perfect ;-)


who has a execstackoverflow in a postscript file to debug plus a work release to do in the
next couple of days or I would have done more research on this question.

> -Rob

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