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From Rob Weir <>
Subject "Apache ODF Toolkit" versus "The Apache ODF Toolkit"
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2012 16:47:58 GMT
Something that has been bothering me, a little inconsistency.

The legacy project, pre-incubation, was with an organization called
"The ODF Toolkit Union".  We referred to the project as "The ODF

Now that we're here, we add "Apache" to our name.  But are we "The
Apache ODF Toolkit" or just "Apache ODF Toolkit"?

-- "I download Apache ODF Toolkit" versus "I downloaded the Apache ODF Toolkit"

-- "Welcome to Apache ODF Toolkit project" versus "Welcome to the
Apache ODF Toolkit project"

and so on.

I'm seeing both forms in use on our website and our communications.
We should probably agree on one or the other.

To me, the form without the "the" seems unnatural and awkward, but
that might just be from my long exposure to the legacy name.
Similarly, there is nothing intrinsically odd about referring to
"Netherlands" rather then "the Netherlands" other than convention puts
a "the" there.

Does anyone have a preference, or a good argument for one form over the other.


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