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From Rob Weir <>
Subject RC2 binary package
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 00:07:43 GMT
I looked some more at the binary package.  We're currently includeing
the base JARs of the Apache code, as well as the "with-dependencies"
JARs that Maven generates.

I think this interacts with the requirements for NOTICE.txt and
LICENSE.txt.  The with-dependencies JARs include the classes for all
of our dependencies, and all of their dependencies, etc.  So it is
self-contained, except for system classes.  But that makes us a
distributor of these modules, and we would need to include all these
licenses in our LICENSE.txt file, as well as any required notices in
the NOTICE.txt file.

So, option 1 is to track down all of that information for the
licenses. I think Devin has done it one-level deep.  But I think we
need to do this recursively and pull these licenses and notices into
our own.  Is that correct?

Option 2 would be to not ship the "with-dependencies" JARs.  Just ship
our own core JARs and list the third party dependencies in our release
notes, perhaps with URL's and version pre-req's.

Option 3, a variation of 2, would be to also create a Maven
Archetypesor a sample POM that would enable the user to jumpstart
their application.  All the structure would be setup, so the
dependencies would automatically download for them from Maven Central.


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