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From Oliver Rau <>
Subject Visibility of Simple API Frame class initialization methods
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 20:00:57 GMT
Hi everybody,

while continuing the development on my application I needed a way to
insert in image into an Document at any paragraph.

According to the way how OOo does it, this is accomplished by adding a
draw:frame into the paragraph. That frame will then contain the

Based on that assumption I stumbled upon the setImage method of the
Simple APIs Frame class (org.odftoolkit.simple.draw.Frame) which seems
to do exactly that.
The problem I'm facing now is that I'm not able to instantiate that
class due to it's visibility modifiers all being set to protected. The
only extending class is TextBox, which in my case doesn't seem to be
the right choice.

Is there any reason why to keep the Frame class with an protected
modifier for the constructor and the getInstanceof / newFrame methods
rather than making them public?

BTW: does the way I described above to add an image make sense or is
there a better way?



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