2011/9/25 Svante Schubert <svante.schubert@gmail.com>
Hi Devin,

can you check the configuration of your mail, the inline reply does not
work out well.
Beyond it seems that you have not added any reply, but from the context
I know that the one sentence marked as Rob's is yours.
Happens the second time, now I am sure it was not a pure coincidence.


Thank you for the reminder.
But it looks fine in my gmail page, see the picture. Maybe it's a bug of gmail.
I will check "Enter" twice next time, then it should work out well in your client.

Am 24.09.2011 04:49, schrieb Devin Han:
> 2011/9/23 Rob Weir <robweir@apache.org>
>> On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 2:37 AM, Devin Han <devinhan@apache.org> wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> Don't worry about this log message. It is generated by the method
>>> getTextPropertiesForRead() in
>>> org.odftoolkit.simple.style.DefaultStyleHandler.
>>> Logger.getLogger(CellStyleHandler.class.getName()).log(Level.INFO, "No
>>> explicit text properties definition is found!", "");
>> Hi Devin -- We should probably try to eliminate any unnecessary log
>> messages.  If there are no real errors then by default we should not
>> be writing to stderr or stdout;.  Why?  Think of the multithreaded
>> server scenario.  It is annoying for the server admin to have this
>> written to the log files, filling up their logs and making it harder
>> for them to find important information.  And on some servers, where
>> stderr is unbufffered, this can be a performance problem.  You have
>> multiple threads all trying to write to stderr, and blocking for
>> access.
>> Yes, we should clean up these unnecessary message.
> -Rob