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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Re: Directory structure for our initial release
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 11:02:24 GMT
On Wed, 28 Sep 2011, Rob Weir wrote:
> Now that we have Maven support for the XSLT-Runner and
> XSLT-Runner-Task modules, I think we're ready to look at what we want
> for a release.
> Since POI is the most similar project to ours, it is instructive to
> look at their release:

I think Tika might be a better one to compare to. Tika is a fully maven 
based project, with various dependencies and sub-projects. POI still 
builds with Ant (it's fast and it works!), with a core and a few 
extensions, so it may not be the best one to follow

> They have a bin release and a src release, and provide each one as
> tar.gz and .zip archives.

This is quite typical for Apache Java projects. We also publish jars and 
poms to a maven repo so that Maven based projects can easily use the 

> /poi-3.7/docs (a lot of doc.  Not just the API doc, but a bunch of
> other docs,case studies,  some of it project related, but contribution
> guidelines, subversion info, etc.  I'm not sure why this is in the
> release, and not just on the website?)

The main reason is so that when you get a download, you can get the docs 
that went with it. It avoids the issue of updating the site for the new 
details, and the user no longer being able to get the information as of 
the time of the release they have. This may or may not matter for your 

> /poi-3.7/lib (dependency libraries, like commons-logging, junit and log4j)
> /poi-3.7/ooxml-lib (another set of dependency libraries, not sure why
> it is separate from the above,  Maybe only needed for one of their
> components)

The jars in /lib/ are always needed. The ones in /ooxml-lib/ are only 
needed for the newer file formats, which not everyone wants/needs. 
They're also quite a lot larger, so we didn't want to force people who 
only wanted the old formats to have to take the big extra set of 
dependencies. May not matter so much today, but it was a big request from 
the community at the time we introduced the ooxml support.


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