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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Directory structure for our initial release
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2011 23:43:16 GMT
Now that we have Maven support for the XSLT-Runner and
XSLT-Runner-Task modules, I think we're ready to look at what we want
for a release.

Since POI is the most similar project to ours, it is instructive to
look at their release:

They have a bin release and a src release, and provide each one as
tar.gz and .zip archives.

Within the binary release, the directory structure is:


/poi-3.7/docs (a lot of doc.  Not just the API doc, but a bunch of
other docs,case studies,  some of it project related, but contribution
guidelines, subversion info, etc.  I'm not sure why this is in the
release, and not just on the website?)

/poi-3.7/lib (dependency libraries, like commons-logging, junit and log4j)

/poi-3.7/ooxml-lib (another set of dependency libraries, not sure why
it is separate from the above,  Maybe only needed for one of their

/poi-3.7/poi*.jar (various poi jars)

/poi-3.7/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (consolidated release notes for the project)

So that is simple, and something we could easily emulate:


/odf-0.5/docs (Initially just JavaDoc.  We could generate this
cross-module, and have a single JavaDoc site, or produce different
sets for each component.)

/odf-0.5/lib (dependency libraries, not all users are using Maven, so
we should probably  bundle xerces, xalan, junit, etc.)

/odf-0.5/odf*.jar (one JAR per component)



/odf-0.5/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (consolidated release notes for the project)

For the src release, maybe we can keep it simple, and have it be an
archive of our SVN's odf/trunk/, after doing an "svn export' to get a
clean copy without the SVN hidden files.

A top level "build-release.xml" Ant task could execute all the above.



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