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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Initial RAT results
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 20:51:53 GMT
To see how much work we have on IP clearance, I ran RAT, with results here:

Most of the issues flagged fall into these categories:

1. Test documents, in ODF format.   I'm not sure what we can do about
them.  We could put the license in the documents as metadata.  But RAT
wouldn't know how to find the license in the metadata.  Of course, in
the future RAT could be enhanced, to use the ODF Toolkit to find this
license.  Or we could just treat test documents as binary files.

2. Maven's pom.xml -- we could add license as an XML comment?

3. ODF's schema files, in Relax NG format.  These are copyright by
OASIS, the consortium where ODF is standardized.  The notice in the
schema is shown here:

This is used as input to the code generation, which is a build-time
process that generates a portion of the Java code directly from the
ODF schema.  So the schema definition document is not part of the
runtime, though it would be part of our source code release.

Note that this schema definition is not under an open source software
license, but it does have a license that allows unrestricted use,
redistribution, etc. as well as creation of derived works.  But it
does have a restriction on modifications.

I assume we'll need to take this to legal-discuss to get this classified.

4. Some configuration files, .properties, .vm, etc.  We should be able
to add a license notice there.

5. A few Java files that lack a license header.  I think we should
check their history in Hg, and establish their provenance.


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