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From Daisy Guo <>
Subject Re: Source code checked in, what next?
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 06:41:41 GMT
2011/9/13 Nick Burch <>:
> On Tue, 13 Sep 2011, Rob Weir wrote:
>> Is an SGA appropriate in this case?  This is not a corporate
>> "donation" of source code.  And it was ALv2 from the start, in the ODF
>> Toolkit Union, so there is no need to re-license it.
>> Maybe handle this as part of the IP review?  If we find any files that
>> are not under ALv2 or a compatible license, then we need to get an SGA
>> or remove that file.  Would that work?
> Have all the original contributors signed an iCLA?
> The process we need to follow is:
> Roughly speaking, we need everyone who's made (significant) contributions to
> either file an iCLA, or send in a SGA.
> (There may be other options as the code was always ASL v2 licensed, but the
> above is certainly the simplest)
Is there a simpler process?
As I know, most contributors of ODFDOM and SimpleODF are belong to IBM
and Oracle. Besides them, there are several individual contributors of
ODFDOM,which are hard to find.

>>> Before a release could happen, there are a few steps that are needed. Off
>>> the top of my head, these include:
>>> * Licenses of dependencies need to be checked
>>> * NOTICE files need to be created, including dependency details if needed
>>> * License and Incubator discalaimers need checking/adding
>>> * Rat needs to be setup for the project, with appropriate excludes
>>> * Missing license headers (as identified by Rat) need to be resolved
>>> * The release process needs documenting
>>> These things can be a bit of a faff on the first release, but they make
>>> life
>>> much much easier going forward, so it's worth tackling them soon (and
>>> they
>>> need doing before the first release)
>> Sounds painful... until it becomes routine.
> Most of the work is needed for the 1st release, and all other ones are much
> much simpler!
> Nick

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