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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: Merge of ODFDOM DOC package and Simple API
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2011 22:21:40 GMT
Am 28.09.2011 17:55, schrieb Rob Weir:
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 11:48 AM, Devin Han <> wrote:
>> Maybe some of the guys don't know the relationship and history between
>> ODFDOM and Simple API. I explain it detail.
>> Simple API was splitted from ODFDOM Doc Layer. The initial codebase of
>> Simple API just changed the pakage name and class name of ODFDOM Doc layer,
>> no method name change. For example, we just change OdfTable in ODFDOM to
>> Table in Simple API. After split, we have not maintained ODFDOM Doc Layer
>> any more.
>> After 10 relese versions of Simple. There are lots of new features
>> added(copy from another thread):
>> (1) Enhance Table API,  including style handling, automatically adjust the
>> table column width based on its text content, allow several paragraphs to be
>> added to a single cell, validity rules for the values of table cells and so
>> on.
>> (2) List API. With these new methods, user can easily add lists to text
>> document and presentation document, with numbering, bullets, or graphic
>> bullets.
>> (3) Chart API, including add charts to text, spreadsheet and presentation
>> documents with easy-to-use methods.
>> (4) Improved navigation and text extraction. The navigation functions work
>> for text, spreadsheet, presentation and chart document. New CellSelection
>> and FieldSelection are supported. Text extraction can work on special
>> element/component.
>> (5) Text Document Component API, including paragraph, hyperlink, page break,
>> heading and span. Paragraph methods allow to create paragraph, get paragraph
>> by index, set the text content, and remove paragraph. Paragraph font,
>> get/set paragraph font size, style, color and so on. Paragraph alignment,
>> get/set paragraph text alignment. Hyperlinks, including navigation
>> hyperlinks, apply hyperlink to a selection, append hyperlink to paragraph.
>> Hard page breaks, including append page break at the end of text document
>> and append page break after a reference paragraph. Headings, including
>> append heading, apply plain text as heading. Comments, including add comment
>> to a text selection, apply comment to a paragraph. With text span, user can
>> set a different style to a small unit of the text content.
>> (6) Field API.  Fields methods allow user to easily add a field to a
>> document, and change the value of a field. We now support data field, time
>> field, chapter field, title field, subject field, author field, page number
>> field, page count field, etc.
>> (7) Initial support for footers and headers. Now user can simply get the
>> footer and header of text document and add table/image/string content to
>> footer and header.
>> (8) Text box and section manipulation methods. Text box methods allow you to
>> add a text box, change the content of text box, and delete a text box. We
>> also introduced methods to get, copy and paste sections in text documents.
>> Copying and pasting sections are useful when you want to clone a section of
>> a template multiple times for different data.
>> (9) High level methods for image. User can add images to text, spreadsheet
>> and presentation documents. The position of the image can be specified by a
>> rectangle, a paragraph or a cell.
>> (10) Performance improved. We greatly improved the performance of the table
>> API. Now creating a large table by adding one row after another is 20 times
>> faster than before. We also improved the performance of copying slides from
>> other presentations (foreign slides). The time to copy a single slide is
>> decreased by 20%, and the time to copy slides with referenced resources is
>> decreased much more.
>> So, Simple API is the continue of ODFDOM Doc layer with lots of new features
>> and bugs fixed. ODFDOM Doc Layer has died on Nov.1st last year. The worthy
>> disciple excels his masters. Simple API grows vigorously.
>> The content of ODFDOM Doc layer duplicates with Simple API. But with less
>> feature and more bugs. There is no reason we continue keep it in the ODFDOM
>> codebase if merge ODFDOM and Simple. Remove Doc layer will make ODFDOM more
>> clear for all users. For old user, we have supply this list long time ago
>> for them to adapt to Simple API.
>> You will see how easy it is.
>> Give the user a more clear sky, please!!
> Could we mark the DOC API's as "deprecated" in our initial release,
> and point to the replacements in the Simple API?  We could do that in
> the JavaDoc.  That will give users the opportunity to migrate, but we
> don't break their code immediately.  Then we can remove the DOC API in
> a future release.
> Would that work?

We might make the initial release a no functional code change snapshot
For us to proof we are able to deliver and sign the users we have
continued here at Apache.

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