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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Re: Project naming
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 16:53:34 GMT

Am 21.09.2011 05:26, schrieb Devin Han:
> 2011/9/21 Daisy Guo <>
>> 2011/9/20 Svante Schubert <>:
>>> Am 20.09.2011 01:49, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:
>>>> I knew I should have objected to shortening of the name to odf more
>> strenuously.
>>> I missed that somehow. Just suggested in the previous mail to name the
>>> project "Apache ODF SDK"
>> I like a understandable name. "Apache ODF SDK" sounds good.
> "Apache ODF SDK" is an easy understandable name.  Just a little serious ;)
Serious name for a serious undertaking.
In German a Toolkit is a loosely set of tools, which are not necessary
well ordered nor complete.
That was true for the former ODF Toolkit where different groups worked
on ODF, but here we can speak with a single voice.
Even more important, there is currently no SDK for ODF.
The only think that blocks me from switching the name immediately, is
that from my understanding of an SDK we have not fulfilled the
requirements of an SDK yet.
For instance introduction documentation is missing or an improved
generated ODF documentation of the schema.
Nevertheless I would ask you if we could agree to move into that direction?
Meanwhile I would suggest to keep the name ODF Toolkit until we reached
that goal.

> I also investigated the name of Apache Project.
> There are several styles:
> 1. Animal Name, such as, Tomcat,  Camel, Pig and Ant. So many animals, isn't
> it? Even there is a project called Zookeeper ;)
> 2. Goods Name, such as Nutch, Xalan, Axis, Rivet
> 3. City Name, such as Derby,
> 4. Technical style, such as log4j, XMLBeans, HTTP Server, Directory,
> Validator, JXPath, IO. Technology is always the theme of Apache.
> ...
> If we just limited it in implementing standards, there is PDFBox there,
> besides Xalan, Shindig and Batik.
> My opinion is if we have enough confidence that users are easy to find and
> know our project even we use an ODF unrelated name, we can use some
> interesting name, such as,
> 1. Apache Panda: Lovely animal from China, everyone would like it.
> 2. Apache Food: ODF toolkit is an useful material for all of the ODF
> developers, just like food for person. On the other hand, Food is similar
> with odf. Just turn F to the first position and add an O after it.
Despite the products listed above, we are still not one tool, but a set
of tools.
>From a marketing stand-point, I would try to get any attention and
clarity possible that makes sure what the project is meant for.
To me if one user, does not find our project, although he searched for,
the naming would be a mistake.
> If we want to follow the technical style,  Apache ODF SDK and Apache ODFBox
> are both OK. In China, when I google "ODF", it always suggests me replace
> with " PDF". We can make use of it. When people search PDFBox, ODFBox maybe
> also in the result list.
> Besides them, I also supply another project name: *Goodf* or *GoODF*,  the
> reason is:
> 1. Short, simple, elegant.
> 2. "ODF" is included.
> 3. "Good" is included, we can describe it as Good ODF! or ODF Good!
> 4. "Go" is includeed, we can describe it as Go to ODF.  A very vivid name,
> isn't it? Arouse people's enthusiasm to use ODF and ODF Toolkit.
> I like *Goodf* and give it a vote.
I like the name, but after I read it ten minutes later, I read good-f,
which reminds me a little of what-the-f! ;)


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