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From Svante Schubert <>
Subject Choice of JDK version (earlier -- Re: Source code checked in, what next?)
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2011 21:45:55 GMT
Am 19.09.2011 23:23, schrieb Nick Burch:
> ..
>> What is Tika's reason to stick with JDK5?
> I think the most recent discussion on it was:
>> ODFDOM's reason to use JDK 6 is its need for the ODF package
>> encryption & signature feature and even JDK 7 comes along with
>> improved ZIP access of NIO2, therefore I will from my current point
>> of view I will vote to switch to JDK in July 2012 when JDK 6 is EOL.
> If you have a reason to change, then you can, I was just suggesting
> that you consider a major version bump along with it to make it clear
> to everyone
> POI switched to needing JDK 5 back in 2009, and we still sometimes get
> people asking about letting it run on JDK 1.4!
The pure existence of some people desiring some thing, is not already a
reason for an offering. There is always desire for everything and there
might be even fools out there. It is quite the opposite, there should be
a good reason to stick with the old JDK version.

Neglecting new features, keeping multiple JDK versions on development
machines, multiple JDK test runs, time that could be spend on
enhancements, the risk of security breaches on all involved machines
with outdated JDKs.. all this for what benefit?

The question should not be why should we change, it should be why should
we NOT change.

But perhaps it is just a different way of thinking...


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