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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Re: Apache ODF Toolkit mailing lists now live
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2011 14:44:24 GMT
On Mon, 15 Aug 2011, Rob Weir wrote:
> A quick test to verify that the list is working.  If it is, I'll send a 
> note to the various ODF Toolkit Union lists tell them that we're live 
> now at Apache.  I'll also give them instructions for how to sign up for 
> these new Apache lists.  Maybe mention this on the ODF Toolkit Union 
> website as well?

I'd say there are a few steps to take:
* Update the (existing) website to list the new list details
* Keep the links to the archives of the old lists on the site, so you
   don't loose the history
* Email the current lists, and suggest that people subscribe to the new
   incubator podling lists
* Stop accepting new posts to the old lists
* Either forward posts destined to the old lists to the new one, or add an
   autoresponder to tell people where to resend

You can probably do 1-3 now, the others should likely wait until most 
people have come across

> As a podling, we have some top level decisions to make, things like 
> Bugzilla versus JIRA, Confluence wiki versus moin moin, markdown website 
> versus something else, etc.  But I'd like to suggest that we first take 
> a few days to make sure the community has had time to move to the new 
> lists.

IP clearance/grants also need doing, and can take a while, so you may wish 
to start the ball rolling on those too

In the mean time, could someone perhaps summarise the current setup of 
websites, code, wiki, issues etc, which everyone will likely want to refer 
to when trying to decide what to move to


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