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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Introductions
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 15:30:54 GMT
Since we will be working together, I think it would be good if we
introduced each other.  Those who were active at the ODF Toolkit Union
know each other, and have in many cases have met each other at
conferences, etc.  But there are 26 people subscribed to the odf-dev
list, and I don't know everyone, and I assume that not everyone knows

I'm Rob Weir.  I joined IBM back in 1995 as part of its acquisition of
Lotus Development Corporation. Before that I had worked on our
"SmartSuite" office suite, which you may remember (1-2-3, WordPro,
Freelance Graphics, Access).  Since then I've been generally involved
in documents and XML.

I've been involved in the standardization side of ODF since 2006 and
currently chair the Technical Committee at OASIS that develops the ODF
standard.  I also participate in the ISO committee that maintains
their edition of the standard.

My interest in the ODF Toolkit goes back to March 2006, when I made a
public proposal for an ODF Toolkit [1].  This was repeated in a
presentation [2] at the KDE aKademy in Dublin, in September 2006.  In
parallel, similar ideas were occurring at Sun and with KOffice.  There
was a lot of talk on mailing lists and via email on how to make an ODF
Toolkit.  Like many questions of this nature, no one agrees on what
language to do it in.  Some like perl, some python, some C#, some
Java.  So the efforts fragmented.

In November 2008 IBM and Sun announced [3] the creation of the ODF
Toolkit Union, an attempt to concentrate the efforts around the
development of ODF toolkits.  A lot of progress has been made there on
the Java components, but IMHO the other languages have languished.
And another project, lpOD [4], has made great progress with ODF API's
for perl and python. Looking at the success of similar Java APIs at
Apache (for example POI, now celebrating its 10th anniversary) it made
sense to move the Java components from the ODF Toolkit Union to Apache
and grow the community here.


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