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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: List of code base needed to convert from Mercurial to SVN
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 18:32:33 GMT
On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 3:24 AM, Devin Han <> wrote:
> 2011/8/30 Rob Weir <>
>> Also, to get this all into a single repository we need to agree on a
>> directory structure.  When we do an svn adminload we can specify a
>> parent directory (-parent-dir) , so we can do that to work around the
>> conflicts.
>> One solution is to load each dumpfile into its own directory, like:
>> /odf/trunk/generator
>> /odf/trunk/odfdom
>> /odf/trunk/simple
>> /odf/trunk/old-generator
>> /odf/trunk/taglets
>> /odf/trunk/validator
>> /odf/trunk/xslt-runner
>> /odf/trunk/generator-task
>> For example:
>>  svadmin -parent-dir /odf/trunk/generator ./odf-toolkit-repos <
>> generator_svn_dump
>>  svadmin -parent-dir /odf/trunk/odfdom ./odf-toolkit-repos <
>> odfdom_svn_dump
>> and so on.
>> Then when we have one big combined load repository, we can create one
>> big dumpfile for it, and that would be what we sent to Apache Infra
>> team.
>> The big dump file has been upload to  and the
> new file name is
> The directory structure follows your comment before. Please download and
> un-zip it, then help me test it again.

OK.  I reviewed:

1) No zip CRC errors, good.

2) Dumpfile loaded to local SVN repository, no errors.

3) Looked at logs, verified that history, going back to 2008, was there

4) Did a checkout to a working copy.  I did not build everything, but
it looks like it is all there, except for the validator work, which
Svante is still preparing.

So I think this is ready to for Apache Infra to load.   Does anyone disagree?


>         svnadmin load apache-odf-svn < odf-svn-dump
> If the load process failed, please try once more. I faced this issue several
> times when created dump files. There is no proplem with the dump file,
> should be caused by svn repository.
> That is the "quick and dirty" approach.  Once imported, and after some
>> more thinking, we will likely move things around, create a top-level
>> build script for the entire toolkit, etc.
> --
> -Devin

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