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From Devin Han <>
Subject Re: List of code base needed to convert from Mercurial to SVN
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 14:25:10 GMT
> Here's what I found:
> 1) It looks like you were able to preserve the history in the
> migration from Hg to SVN.  Good job!  What tool did you use for this?
>  Use the Shell script I mentioned before with some small updates for our
And run it on WINXP in Cygwin.

2) I received a checksum error when unzipping the archive.  I tried
> this several times, downloading the zip file on two machines.  I
> always got a checksum error on the simple api dump.
> 3) I also got a checksum error while processing the load of the odfdom jar.
> Strange... I test it on my machine, there is no error...

4) Other dump files, like the conformance tools, processed without error.
> 5) I was not able to load these all into the same repository because
> there are conflicting files, e.g., multiple projects have a README or
> license.txt in the root.
> I'm not sure what is causing the checksum errors.  Could you try  an
> "svnadmin load" for odfdom and simple and see if you get these errors
> as well.  If not, then maybe you need to re-zip them and upload them
> again.
> I try  "svnadmin load" on my machine, it works well. I even checked out
them, all of them without problem.
I didn't take my work laptop back home, so have to re-zip them and upload
tomorrow(night in your time).

Also, to get this all into a single repository we need to agree on a
> directory structure.  When we do an svn adminload we can specify a
> parent directory (-parent-dir) , so we can do that to work around the
> conflicts.
> One solution is to load each dumpfile into its own directory, like:
> /odf/trunk/generator
> /odf/trunk/odfdom
> /odf/trunk/simple
> /odf/trunk/old-generator
> /odf/trunk/taglets
> /odf/trunk/validator
> /odf/trunk/xslt-runner
> /odf/trunk/generator-task
> For example:
>  svadmin -parent-dir /odf/trunk/generator ./odf-toolkit-repos <
> generator_svn_dump
>  svadmin -parent-dir /odf/trunk/odfdom ./odf-toolkit-repos <
> odfdom_svn_dump
> and so on.
> Then when we have one big combined load repository, we can create one
> big dumpfile for it, and that would be what we sent to Apache Infra
> team.
> That is the "quick and dirty" approach.  Once imported, and after some
> more thinking, we will likely move things around, create a top-level
> build script for the entire toolkit, etc.
> Comments?
> Hehe, no comment;) That's reasonable. I will create a new single big dump
and upload.



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