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From Ansgar Konermann <>
Subject Re: ODF Toolkit: Existing Infrastructure
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2011 22:38:55 GMT
Sorry, I mixed this up with a recent discussion on the CouchDB mailing
list [1]. No full git support for now (not yet).




Am 16.08.2011 23:01, schrieb Nick Burch:
> On Tue, 16 Aug 2011, Ansgar Konermann wrote:
>>> on hg locally if they want to, but SVN will need to be the canonical
>>> store
>> Apache announced initial support for git a week ago or so, at least
>> for beta usage.
> Are you sure about that? For some time now, Apache has supported read
> only git mirrors of the svn codebases. This allows people who wish to
> work on Apache projects using git to do so, but all patches need to be
> committed into svn.
> (I think there was a change done by Jukka a week or two back, whereby
> when someone sends a push request on github for an Apache git mirror,
> the project gets notified)
>> I'm convinced a dvcs will facilitate contributing to odftoolkit a
>> lot, so please let's at least *try* to get a dvcs right from the start.
> People who want to can take a clone of the repo, work on it, produce a
> patch and send it in. It then gets reviewed by a committer, and
> applied if appropriate. No real difference whether the patch was
> produced by git or hg or svn
>> I know two of my co workers have a number of patches ready for
>> contribution to simple api, but going back to svn will likely
>> distract them.
> They don't need to. See above
> If you're interested in seeing further git support at Apache, then I'd
> suggest you have a read through the plan:
> and then start volunteering to help with some of the tasks.
> Nick

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