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Subject svn commit: r1507207 - /incubator/odf/trunk/CHANGES.txt
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2013 07:37:01 GMT
Author: fhopf
Date: Fri Jul 26 07:37:01 2013
New Revision: 1507207

Updated CHANGES with a section on the 0.6.1 release


Modified: incubator/odf/trunk/CHANGES.txt
--- incubator/odf/trunk/CHANGES.txt (original)
+++ incubator/odf/trunk/CHANGES.txt Fri Jul 26 07:37:01 2013
@@ -1,6 +1,99 @@
 Apache ODF Toolkit Change Log
+======= Release 0.6.1 =======
+The most notable changes in ODF Toolkit 0.6.1 incubating over previous release:
+* Make release 0.6 available in Maven repositories
+Release wiki page:
+Versions of major components
+* Xerces 2.9.1 (
+* Apache Jena 2.9.4 (
+* Apache Clerezza 0.1-incubating (
+* Apache Commons Validator 1.4.0 (
+For a full dependecy list run mvn dependency:tree from the top level in the source module
or see the release wiki page.
+Upgrading from 0.6-incubating
+The behaviour of CellSelection#replaceWith(String) has changed. If you are relying on the
old behaviour use CellSelection#advancedReplaceWith(String) instead (see ODFTOOLKIT-362).
+Detailed Change List
+New Features
+* ODFTOOLKIT-358 Add method to set date time value on Cell (Florian Hopf)
+Bug Fixes
+* ODFTOOLKIT-355 NullPointerException when removing rows from a new Spreadsheet table (Florian
+* ODFTOOLKIT-362 TextSelection.replaceWith() ends in an infinite loop (Florian Hopf)
+* ODFTOOLKIT-363 Table#appendRow() method creates a row without any cell (Florian Hopf)
+* ODFTOOLKIT-365 Improve Release Process to easily publish releases with maven (Florian Hopf)
+The following people have contributed to ODF Toolkit 0.6.1 incubating by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release, 
+or contributed via reported bugs/comments on the mailing list:
+Nick Burch (mentor)
+Yegor Kozlov (mentor)
+Dali Liu (committer)
+Devin Han (committer)
+Donald Harbison (committer)
+Florian Hopf (committer)
+Oliver Rau (committer)
+Rob Weir (committer)
+Svante Schubert (committer)
+Alain Fagot Béarez 
+Alexandr Klimov
+Andy Jefferson
+Anders Sjostrom
+Ashok Hariharan
+Charitha Madusanka
+Dani Prieto 
+Dave Fisher
+Dennis E. Hamilton 
+Gavin McDonald
+Graham Weatherup
+Ian Cunningham
+Jeremias Maerki
+Johnny Haugen Sorgard
+Jörg Büsse
+Kejia Ye
+Lars Moller 
+Pavel Jisl
+Philip Helger
+Peter Junge
+Marc Schreiber
+Mathias Silbermann 
+Michael Stahl
+Michan Jaskurzyński
+Nick de Graeve
+Noah Tilton
+Romain Benefice
+Steele, Raymond
+Stefan Renz
+Steffen Börsig
+Sherzod Muratov
+Svante Schubert
+Tao Lin
+Torsten Krah 
+Vicente Villegas Larios
 ======= Release 0.6 incubating =======
 The most notable changes in ODF Toolkit 0.6 incubating over previous release:

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