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Subject svn commit: r795353 - /websites/staging/odftoolkit/trunk/content/odftoolkit/simple/document/ReleaseNotes.html
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 03:42:31 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Tue Sep  6 03:42:31 2011
New Revision: 795353

Staging update by buildbot


Modified: websites/staging/odftoolkit/trunk/content/odftoolkit/simple/document/ReleaseNotes.html
--- websites/staging/odftoolkit/trunk/content/odftoolkit/simple/document/ReleaseNotes.html
+++ websites/staging/odftoolkit/trunk/content/odftoolkit/simple/document/ReleaseNotes.html
Tue Sep  6 03:42:31 2011
@@ -78,137 +78,423 @@
   <div id="contenta">
     <h1 class="title">Simple API Release Notes</h1>
-    <h2 id="what_is_the_simple_java_api_for_odf">What is the Simple Java API for ODF?</h2>
-<p>The Simple Java API for ODF is an easy-to-use, high-level Java API for creating,
modifying and extracting data from ODF 1.2 documents.  It is written in pure Java and does
not require that you install any document editor on your system.  The Simple Java API for
ODF is a high level abstraction of the lower-level <a href="">ODFDOM
-<h2 id="new_release_066">New Release 0.6.6</h2>
-<p>We are pleased to announce the release of the Simple Java API for ODF version 0.6.6
on Auguest 12th. The improvements in this version include:</p>
-<li>Two critical bugs in the Navigation API are fixed, as well as
-    several other issues.</li>
-<li>Page columns,  a page layout feature in text documents, are supported.</li>
+    <h2 id="simple-api-release-notes"><strong>Simple API Release Notes</strong></h2>
+<p><strong>Release 0.6.6</strong><br />
+<em>Auguest 12th 2011</em></p>
+<p>We are pleased to announce the release of the Simple Java API for ODF version 0.6.6
today. The improvements in this version include:<br />
+<li>Two critical bugs in Navigation API and several other issues are fixed.</li>
+<li>Page columns, a page layout feature in text document, are now supported.</li>
 <li>Unit test coverage rate increased.  This work improves the stability of our API.</li>
-<p>You can download it here. The full release notes can be found here. </p>
-<p>You are welcomed to give us any feedback by Bugzilla, eMail or forum. </p>
-<h2 id="project_roadmap_and_schedule">Project roadmap and schedule</h2>
-<p>The Simple Java API for ODF adhears to the "Release Early and Often" development
philosophy.  We will target a monthly release, for the end of each month.  Code that is ready
makes it into that month's release.  Code that is not yet ready will wait.</p>
-<p>Proposed Roadmap:</p>
-<li>Version 0.2 at the end of Oct, 2010 with the high-level methods
-    migrated from ODFDOM and organized in new package structure;</li>
-<li>Version 0.3 at the end of Nov, 2010 with high-level style API;</li>
-<li>Version 0.4 at the end of Jan, 2011 with additional high-level text methods;</li>
-<li>Version 0.5 at the end of March, 2011 with text box and fields methods;</li>
-<li>Version 0.6 at the end of May, 2011 with chart methods;</li>
-<li>Version 0.6.6 at the middle of August, 2011 with bugs fixed;</li>
-<p>More work will be started in Apache.</p>
-<h1 id="frequently_asked_questions">Frequently Asked Questions</h1>
-<h3 id="for_users">For Users</h3>
-<h4 id="how_to_download_and_install">How to download and install</h4>
-<p>You can get Simple Java API for ODF as binary distribution from the [
download] area. There you'll find Javadocs as well. To obtain source code, please refer to
[[#download_source|development section]]. </p>
-<h3 id="how_to_start_development">How to start development</h3>
-<p>I suggest you to start from an overview of this project. [[PackageLayer|This page]]
will give you an overall introduction of the package structures. After that, you can go to
the [ Cookbook] and [ Demos]
to read some code samples. And then, you can start your own program to manipulate ODF document.</p>
-<p>If you are familar with ODFDOM, [
Here] are the API changes from ODFDOM.</p>
-<h3 id="prerequisites">Prerequisites</h3>
-<p>In addition to the Simple Java API JAR file you will need to download and install
the following runtime prerequisite:</p>
-<li>JDK version 1.6</li>
ODFDOM 0.8.7]</li>
-<li>The Apache Xerces 2.9.1 or higher version. (download from [
Apache Xerces web site])</li>
-<h4 id="code_examples">Code examples</h4>
-<h1 id="you-can-find-sample-codes-from-our-httpsimpleodftoolkitorg-cookbook-and-httpsimpleodftoolkitorg-demos">You
can find sample codes from our [ Cookbook] and [
-<p>The Simple Java API for ODF uses Bugzilla to track the defects. You can report defects
[;order=bugs.bug_id here].</p>
-<p>===For Developers===</p>
-<h3 id="how_to_download_source">How to download source</h3>
-<p>First, install [ latest Mercurial]</p>
-<p>Second, setup Mercurial (optional):<br />Config file <Hg Install Dir>Mercurial.ini
on Windows or <Hg Install Dir>/.hgrc on Unix.
-Enhance the default configuration, using GIT diff and enable [
default plugin] avoid different line breaks in the source.<br /></p>
-<div class="codehilite"><pre><span class="k">[ui]</span>
-<span class="na">username</span> <span class="o">=</span> <span
class="s">your Name &lt;;</span>
-<span class="c">;merge = your-merge-program (or internal:merge)</span>
-<span class="k">[diff]</span>
-<span class="na">git</span> <span class="o">=</span> <span class="s">1</span>
-<span class="k">[defaults]</span>
-<span class="na">diff</span><span class="o">=</span><span class="s">-p
-U 8</span>
-<span class="k">[extensions]</span>
-<span class="c"># Enables mercurial EOL extension for line break handling</span>
-<span class="c"># See (bundled since
-<span class="na">eol</span> <span class="o">=</span>
-<span class="c"># It&#39;ll remove unknown files and empty directories by default.
-<span class="c"># Usually you call &#39;hg update -C&#39; and &#39;hg purge&#39;
in sequence</span>
-<span class="c"># See  (bundled)</span>
-<span class="na">hgext.purge</span><span class="o">=</span>
-<span class="k">[eol]</span>
-<span class="c"># Converts mixed line ending within a file to LF (Unix) format </span>
-<span class="c"># before adding the file to the source repository</span>
-<span class="c"># See</span>
-<span class="na">only-consistent</span> <span class="o">=</span>
<span class="s">False</span>
-<p>Now, get the source code from the Simple project [
Mercurial] repository. Please see below for a short introduction to using Mercurial on
There's also a more general <a href="{{project help page SourceControl}}">help</a>
on how to use source control systems on The command <br /><pre>
-hg clone</pre>will download the repository
into a new directory. <br />Please note that by this you'll get the latest changeset.
If you for example want stable release 0.2, you may want to use<br /><pre>hg clone -r v0.2</pre>Developers however always work
on the latest changeset.</p>
-<p>====How to build and run the unit tests=====
-After the source code is checked out, now get and install [ Apache
Maven]. On command line test your installation with "mvn -v".</p>
-<p>If Maven is correctly installed, change into the project directory and build with
command "mvn".</p>
-You can subscribe to the project's mailing lists from [
this page].  The "users" list is for discussions about using the toolkit, and the "dev" list
is for discussing the development of the toolkit.  Active developers should also subscribe
to the "issues" and "commit" mailing lists so they will receive those automatic notifications.</p>
-<p>==Easy entry level tasks==
-<p>==<span id="Design_of_the_API">Design of the API</span>==
-The design principle is "make it easy for users to locate the functions they want".</p>
-<p>org.odftoolkit.simple.Document is the abstract base class which the specific document
classes are derived from:  TextDocument, SpreadsheetDocument, PresentationDocument, GraphicsDocument
and ChartDocument.</p>
-<p>For each document type  we have a subpackage that contain additional classes related
to that kind of documents.  So org.odftoolkit.simple.chart has classes related to chart, org.odftoolkit.simple.text
has classes related to text content,  and org.odftoolkit.simple.presentation has classes related
to presentation documents.</p>
-<p>Besides the packages for different document types, there are additional packages
defined for important common ODF features which are available across all kinds of documents,
such as table, meta and style. </p>
-<p>There is another package named org.odftoolkit.simple.common, which contains functions
that are not related with a specific document type nor a specific feature. For example, the
text extractor functions are put in this package.</p>
-<p>==How to contribute patches==
-If you want to contribute a patch to this project, following below steps:</p>
-<li>Step 1. Create an issue in
-    [;order=bugs.bug_id
-    bugzilla], or write a comment to a related open issue, to describe
-    what functions you want to provide.</li>
-<li>Step 2. Go through "[[#Design_of_the_API|Design of the API]]" to make sure your
contribution will follow it.</li>
-<li>Step 3. Check out the source code following the steps in [[#download_source|development
selection]], and add your
-    contribution codes, including the source code and the unit tests.
-    Every public method should have a corresponding unit test method.
-    The
-    [
-    code guidelines] are same as ODFDOM.</li>
-<li>Step 4. Test your contribution with Mecurial command to make sure all the unit
tests pass.  mvn</li>
-<li>Step 5. Generate a patch with hg commands.  hg commit -A -u "Developer:xxx" -m
"#bug XY# Description of changes"  hg export -a
-    -g -o ../myChanges.patch</li>
-<li>Step 6. Upload your patch to bugzilla.</li>
-<li>Step 7. Refactor your patch if you get comments from reviewers.</li>
-<h2 id="how_to_review_patches">How to review patches</h2>
-<p>As a reviewer, you need to carefully read the source code, run the unit tests, to
make sure the new contributed code won't hurt the quality of this project.
-<em>Step 1. Write a comment to [;order=bugs.bug_id
bugzilla], saying you would like to review this patch.
-</em>Step 2. Check out the source code following the steps in [[#download_source|development
selection]], and download the patch.
-<em>Step 3. Merge the patch to the source code with Mecurial command:
- hg import --no-commit ../someFile.patch
-</em>Step 4. Carefully read the code to make sure the code follows the "[[#Design_of_the_API|Design
of the API]]", the code can reach the goal and the code won't bring other problems.
-<em>Step 5. Carefully check the unit test code to make sure every public method has
been enough tested.
-</em>Step 6. Run the unit tests with Maven command to see if all the unit tests pass:
- mvn
-<em>Step 7. Write comment to bugzilla if you think anything needs to be improved.
-</em>Step 8. Repeat step 2 to 7 after the contributor improves the patch.
-*Step 9. Push the patch to repository with Mecurial command if you think the patch is good
- hg commit -A -u "Developer:xxx Reviewer:yyy" -m "#bug XY# Description of changes"
- hg push https://<your user id>:<your password></p>
-<h2 id="reference_material">Reference material</h2>
-<h3 id="odf">ODF</h3>
-<p>The current draft of the OASIS ODF 1.2 standard can be downloaded [
-<h3 id="commands_line_tools">Commands line tools</h3>
-<p><em>[ Here]
is a list of the most frequently used commands for Mercurial.
-</em>[ Here] is a list
of the most frequently used commands for Maven.</p>
+<p>You can download it <a href="../downloads.html">here</a>.</p>
+<p>ODF Toolkit has been accepted as <a href="">Apache
incubator project</a> and the move process has been started. The security feature will
be included in Apache version. Thanks all of the contributors and users, please continue to
pay attention to us in Apache.</p>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong></p>
+<li><a href="">Bug 334</a>
-  Paragraph.setStyleName() doesn't work.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 346</a>
-  Test don't work on Linux. </li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 347</a>
-  VariableField doen't register in Component cache.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 348</a>
-  Paragraph deleted is not complete.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 349</a>
-  Definition of the number of columns in the page and column Break.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 350</a>
-  TextNavigation find matched Selection out of range.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 353</a>
-  Matching child nodes not honored by Navigation if next sibling matches.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 354</a>
-  parameter isMinHeight is not taken into account in the method setHeight (class Row).</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 355</a>
-  StyleTypeDefinitions.HorizontalAlignmentType has a wrong value, 'justified' should be 'justify'.
+<li><a href="">Bug 356</a>
-  Document.OdfMediaType.TEXT.toString() leads to unreachable code block.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 357</a>
-  getFontSizeInPoint() in TextProperties doesn't work.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 358</a>
-  TableCellTest.testCellSizeOptimal Unit test failing on MacOS.</li>
+<p><strong>Release 0.6.5</strong><br />
+<em>July 1st 2011</em></p>
+<p>We are pleased to announce the release of the Simple Java API for ODF version 0.6.5
today. The improvements in this version focus on paragraph and text documents. They are:<br
+<li>Hard page breaks, including append page break at the end of text document and append
page break after a reference paragraph.</li>
+<li>Headings, including append heading, apply plain text as heading.</li>
+<li>Comments, including add comment to a text selection, apply comment to a paragraph.</li>
+<li>Paragraph font, get/set paragraph font size, style, color and so on.</li>
+<li>Paragraph alignment, get/set paragraph text alignment.</li>
+<li>Hyperlinks, including navigation hyperlinks, apply hyperlink to a selection, append
hyperlink to paragraph. </li>
+<p>An interesting <a href="../demo/demo10.html">demo</a> is uploaded to
the website to show how to use these new features to format a text document. </p>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong><br />
+<li><a href="">Bug 341</a>
-  Component.getComponentByElement (OdfElement element) never return null.<br />
+<li><a href="">Bug 342</a>
-  TextProperties.getTextProperties throws NullPointerException. <br />
+<li><a href="">Bug 343</a>
-  OdfDocument.loadDocument(OdfPackage odfPackage, String internalPath) needs validate "internalPath".<br
+<li><a href="">Bug 344</a>
-  Enhance hyperlink feature.<br />
+<li><a href="">Bug 345</a>
-  Supply Page Break, Heading, Comment, Paragraph Font and Alignment support.<br />
+<p><strong><em>API changes since 0.6 Release</em></strong>
 <br />
+<p>Method Change List <br />
+Note: The first column 'Java class' package is relative to 'org.odftoolkit'. <br />
+<p>{|- border="1"
+!Previous Class
+!Previous Method
+!New Class
+!New Method
+|TextPElement  getOdfElement()
+|TextParagraphElementBase  getOdfElement()
+|DefaultStyleHandler  getStyleHandler()
+|ParagraphStyleHandler  getStyleHandler()
+|Paragraph getInstanceof(TextPElement)
+|Paragraph getInstanceof(TextParagraphElementBase)
+<p><strong>Release 0.6</strong> <br />
+<em>June 1st 2011</em></p>
+<p>We are pleased to announce the release of the Simple Java API for ODF version 0.6
today. A major improvement of this version is the chart API. Now you can add charts to text,
spreadsheet and presentation documents with easy-to-use methods. An interesting <a href="../demo/demo9.html">demo</a>
is uploaded to the website to show how to create a presentation/text/spreadsheet document
with charts only using Simple ODF API. </p>
+<p>We also make some enhancements based on user requests:</p>
+<li>Ability to set table cell widths and heights with high precision;</li>
+<li>Ability to set validity rules for the values of table cells;</li>
+<li>Provide helper methods for Spreadsheet document to get table;</li>
+<li>Provide more layout definitions for slides</li>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong> </p>
+<li><a href="">Bug 332</a>-
 Nice to have means to set table cell widths and heights with sub-millimeter precision.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 260</a>-
 Table cell validate function.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 243</a>-
 SpreadsheetDocument needs helper functions to get to Table.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 330</a>
-  Supply Chart API Features.</li>
+<p><strong><em>API changes since 0.5.5 Release</em></strong>
<br />
+<p>Method Change List<br />
+Note: The first column 'Java class' package is relative to 'org.odftoolkit'.</p>
+<p>{|- border="1"
+!Previous Class
+!Previous Method
+!New Class
+!New Method
+|long getWidth()
+|double getWidth()
+|void setWidth(long)
+|void setWidth(double)
+|long getWidth()
+|double getWidth()
+|void  setWidth(long)
+|void  setWidth(double)
+|long getHeight()
+|double getHeight()
+|void setHeight(long)
+|void setHeight(double)
+<p><strong>Release 0.5.5</strong>  <br />
+<em>April 30th 2011</em> <br />
+<p>We released the Simple Java API for ODF  version 0.5.5 today. In this version, we
provide high level methods for image and text span. Now you can add images to text, spreadsheet
and presentation documents. The position of the image can be specified by a rectangle, a paragraph
or a cell. With text span, you can set a different style to a small unit of the text content.
An interesting <a href="../demo/demo8.html">demo</a> has been upload to website
to demonstrate how to add a 2D barcode image to a presentation slide.</p>
+<p>We also made some useful enhancements based on user requests: <br />
+<li>automatically adjust the table column width based on its text content</li>
+<li>allow several paragraphs to be added to a single cell</li>
+<li>set whether or not a header/footer is visible</li>
+<li>optimize some table methods to improve performance</li>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong> </p>
+<li><a href="">Bug 256</a>-
 JavaDoc should be deployed via Maven to the Simple website.<br />
+<li><a href="">Bug 269</a>-
 Desirable column width is calculated in characters on the basis of the size of the data that
will go into the table.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 273</a>-
 The performance of getRowList/getColumnList is too low, if there is a row element with 65535
repeat number.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 309</a>-
 Supply method to set the header/footer visible or not.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 311</a>-
 Insert several paragraphs in a cell or several different text in the same paragraph in a
cell. </li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 312</a>-
 Allow to set alignment of image in a table cell. </li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 326</a>-
 Something is missing in order to move the object on the sheet.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 327</a>-
 Problem with the adding of tables in Footer.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 328</a>-
 Performance problem in CellRange constructor when Table.getRowCount() is large.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 329</a>-
 Unable to set the column widths of a table with precision. </li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 333</a>-
 Provide convenient methods for image and text span.</li>
+<h1 id="api-changes-since-05-release"><strong><em>API changes since 0.5
+<p>Note: The first column 'Java class' package is relative to 'org.odftoolkit'.</p>
+<p>{|- border="1"
+!Previous Class
+!Previous Method
+!New Class
+!New Method
+|void  setImage(URI)
+|Image  setImage(URI)
+|Image  getImage()
+|BufferedImage  getBufferedImage()
+<p><strong>Release 0.5</strong> <br />
+<em>April 2nd 2011</em> <br />
+<p>We released the Simple Java API for ODF  version 0.5 today.</p>
+<p>In this version, we provides paragraph, field, and text box manipulation methods.

+ - Paragraph methods allow you to create paragraph, get paragraph by index, set the text
content, and remove paragraph.
+ - Fields methods allow you to easily add a field to a document, and change the value of
a field. We now support data field, time field, chapter field, title field, subject field,
author field, page number field, page count field, etc. 
+ - Text box methods allow you to add a text box, change the content of text box, and delete
a text box.<br />
+You can implement powerful document generation scenarios with these API. You can get sample
codes from the cookbook for paragraph, field and text box.</p>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong></p>
+<li>[ Bug 307] -  Table.getColumnByIndex()
throws NullPointerException.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 308] -  Remove padding
from table in header/footer.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 314] -  Navigation API
should support find/replace in a specific OdfElement range</li>
+<li>[ Bug 315] -  Add Field API
to Simple ODF</li>
+<li>[ Bug 316] -  Access to header
and footer to Standard and First Page.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 317] -  Table.getColumnCount()
doesn't work when exists table:table-columns</li>
+<li>[ Bug 318] -  Provide paragraph
functions and its style handling functions.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 319] -  Provide frame
and text box API.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 320] -  Section should
provide methods to access paragraph.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 323] -  VariableContainer
should have a method to get its VariableFields.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 324] -  Table unnamed
causes a NullPointerException.</li>
+<h1 id="api-changes-since-045-release"><strong><em>API changes since 0.4.5
+<p>Note: The first column 'Java class' package is relative to 'org.odftoolkit'.</p>
+<p>{|- border="1"
+!Previous Class
+!Previous Method
+!New Class
+!New Method
+<p><strong>Release 0.4.5</strong> <br />
+<em>March 4th 2011</em>  <br />
+<p>We are pleased to announce the release of the Simple Java API for ODF version 0.4.5.
  Major changes in this release include:</p>
+<li>We are now using ODFDOM 0.8.7 </li>
+<li>We have added initial support  for footers and headers. Now you can simply get
the footer and header of text document and add table/image/string content to footer and header.
+<li>We have also improved the performance of copying slides from other presentations
(foreign slides). The time to copy a single slide is decreased by 20%, and the time to copy
slides with referenced resources is decreased much more. A sample to show the function of
copying slides from foreign documents is available in the [
website]. </li>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong></p>
+<li>[ Bug 224] -  Setting note for
individual cell</li>
+<li>[ Bug 254] -  Update Simple
API to support ODFDOM 0.8.7</li>
+<li>[ Bug 274] -  Create row/column/cell
with/without repeat number</li>
+<li>[ Bug 275] -  Append row/column
with/without previous row/column style</li>
+<li>[ Bug 276] -  Cell format type
can be auto calculated according to the style of cell</li>
+<li>[ Bug 278] -  Adding border
to created cell, OutOfMemoryError was throwed about 11,000 records</li>
+<li>[ Bug 284] -  Cell.getFont()
throws NullPointerException</li>
+<li>[ Bug 290] -  Table API doesn't
work for Presentation Document </li>
+<li>[ Bug 295] -  The Simple API
does not work with JDK5</li>
+<li>[ Bug 303] -  Performance tuning
for foreign slide copy</li>
+<li>[ Bug 304] -  Support image
and text in footer and header</li>
+<li>[ Bug 305] -  A bug that occurs
when resizing the column width of a table to 0</li>
+<li>[ Bug 306] -  Errors when Locale
is set to Germany</li>
+<p>There is no API changes in this version.</p>
+<p><strong>Release 0.4</strong><br />
+<em>January 31st 2011</em>  <br />
+<p>We are pleased to announce that we are releasing version 0.4 of the Simple Java
API for ODF today. In this version, we have added powerful list functions. With these new
methods, you can easily add lists to text document and presentation document, with numbering,
bullets, or graphic bullets. An interesting code sample of this API is available in the [
website]. </p>
+<p>We have also introduced methods to get, copy and paste sections in text documents.
 Copying and pasting sections are useful when you want to clone a section of a template multiple
times for different data. The introduce of list and section functions has been added to [
Cookbook] for your reference.</p>
+<p>Also, along with various bug fixes we have greatly improved the performance of the
table API. Now creating a large table by adding one row after another is 20 times faster than
before. </p>
+<p>There is no API changes in this version.</p>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong></p>
+<li>[ Bug 279] -  The performance
of Table API need enhance, some methods cost too much time</li>
+<li>[ Bug 280] -  Supply List API
Support in Simple API</li>
+<li>[ Bug 285] -  Supply text through
line and under line setting support to Font</li>
+<li>[ Bug 291] -  Provide high level
methods for section</li>
+<p><strong>Release 0.3.5</strong><br />
+<em>December 24th 2010</em>  <br />
+<p>Today we released a new version of the Simple Java API for ODF:  Release 0.3.5.
In this version, we have improved the navigation, text extraction, table and style handling
features by fixing bugs and improving the JavaDoc. We also fixed a memory leak issue related
to tables.</p>
+<p>You may notice that there are no new features in this month's release.  Our intent
is to alternate "bug fixing" releases with "new feature" release.  So next month will be a
new feature release (0.4) followed by a bug fixing release (0.4.5), etc.</p>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong></p>
+<li>[ Bug 250] -  Table.newTable(Document
document, int numRows, int numCols) does not work well<br />
+<li>[ Bug 251] -  Table.appendRows
throws ClassCastException<br />
+<li>[ Bug 253] -  Column.setWidth()
don't work for new created table<br />
+<li>[ Bug 255] -  cell.setFormatString()
and column.setWidth() throw exceptions<br />
+<li>[ Bug 258] -  Where documentation
says "deprecated" new preferred way should be given<br />
+<li>[ Bug 259] -  Setting font style
to a spreadsheet cell is incorrectly inherited<br />
+<li>[ Bug 261] -  JavaDoc for the
TextExtractor needs a lot more prose<br />
+<li>[ Bug 262] -  JavaDoc for TextNavigation
match() method is confusing<br />
+<li>[ Bug 266] -  hasNext() method
of TextNavigation apparently is REQUIRED and should not be<br />
+<li>[ Bug 267] -  String returned
by TextExtractor.getText() has a carriage return (ASCII 13) at the start<br />
+<li>[ Bug 271] -  Comments of Table
Style API</li>
+<li>[ Bug 272] -  Static Map variables
in Table lead memory leak</li>
+<h1 id="api-changes-since-03-release"><strong><em>API changes since 0.3
+<p>The enum's defined in have changed.
The prefix "Simple" has been removed.</p>
+<p>Note: The first column 'Java class' package is relative to 'org.odftoolkit.simple'.</p>
+<p>{|- border="1"
+!Enum Previous name
+!Enum New name
+<p>=====Method name change list=====
+Note: The first column 'Java class' package is relative to 'org.odftoolkit.simple'.</p>
+<p>{|- border="1"
+!Previous method
+!New method
+|StyleTypeDefinitions$SimpleFontStyle  getSimpleFontStyle()
+|StyleTypeDefinitions$FontStyle  getFontStyle()
+<p>=====Method deleted=====
+The locale handling methods in have been removed in order
to simplify the API. Users who want to use advanced functions can use the suggested substitute.</p>
+<p>Note: The first column 'Java class' package is relative to 'org.odftoolkit.simple'.</p>
+<p>{|- border="1"
+!deleted method
+!suggested substitute
+|Locale setLocale()
+|CellStyleHandler.setFont(Font font, Locale language)
+|Locale getLocale()
+|CellStyleHandler.getCountry(ScriptType type),CellStyleHandler.getLanguage(ScriptType type)
+<p><strong>Release 0.3</strong><br />
+<em>December 1st 2010</em>  <br />
+<p>We are pleased to announce the 2nd release of the Simple Java API for ODF.  In this
release. we provided easy-to-use functions for setting the text and border styles in tables,
as a first taste of a high-level style API. </p>
+<p>We also enhanced the navigation functions. Now the navigation functions work for
text, spreadsheet, presentation and chart document. [
An instructive sample]  has been added to the website to demonstrate these powerful functions.
+<p>There are also a few updates in table cell functions: some functions are enhanced
and some functions are marked as "Deprecated". More details are described below.</p>
+<p><strong><em>Resolved Issues</em></strong> <br />
+<li>[ Bug 246] -  Extend the navigation
API under to spreadsheet and presentation.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 247] -  Provide table
methods for presentation document.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 248] -  setHorizontalAlignment
and setVerticalAlignment do not work for new created table.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 249] -  getRowCount()
doesn't work if table:table-rows or table:table-group exits.</li>
+<li>[ Bug 252] -  Provide high level
style methods for table. </li>
+<h1 id="api-changes-since-02-release"><strong><em>API changes since 0.2
+<p>Note: The first column 'Java class' package is relative to 'org.odftoolkit'.</p>
+<p>{|- border="1"
+!Previous Package
+!Previous Class
+!New Package
+!New Class
+<p><strong>Release 0.2</strong> <br />
+<p>Simple Java API for ODF 0.2 has been released on Nov 1th, with table, presentation,
and metadata convenient methods moved from ODFDOM into a new package structure. Better documents
are provided in this release. The cookbook, JavaDoc and demo codes can be found. You can download
the binary jar file from downloads page.</p>
+<p>Go to PackageLayer to get an overall introduction of package structure and the API
changes from ODFDOM.</p>
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