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From Lars Corneliussen>
Subject Re: Packaging up PDB and XML files with dll
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2012 11:10:47 GMT

sorry for this late answer!

> Hello,
> My company has decided to move away from TFS and towards using git/maven.  
very good choice! TFS is a desaster.

> We are trying to determine the best way to integrate Visual Studios with Maven as seamlessly
as possible and it seems like NPanday is the best option out there.  

But i also have to "warn" - NPanday is not yet a "just works"-product. But it does a great

> While I was able to easily deploy some dlls to our repository I am having some difficulties
trying to package up the pdb and xml files with these dlls.  
I have this on my list. But so far I have not managed to do it.
i could provide guidance, if you'd like to start hacking on NPanday!

> While it seems like this should be possible with NPanday using either the compile or
custom workflow plugin there doesn't seem to be much documentation on how to actually do this.
 I am new to Maven so it is possible I am just not understanding the documentation that is
out there.  Is there an example pom which shows how one would do this?
> Thank you,
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