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From Stoyan Damov <>
Subject Re: NPanday Visibility
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 14:41:39 GMT

As soon as I get NPanday to actually start doing what it is supposed to do
and have our company's build moved to it I'll surely blog extensively
about it, and will publish a CodeProject article, and
insert-favorite-dev-web-site-here, and there, and everywhere, and will
spam absolutely what I can, and will put it in the mouth of whatever
number of conf. speakers I know of (which aren't Microsoft zealots or

But it can't yet. So I refrain doing it atm :)


On 11/9/11 3:05 PM, "Lars Corneliussen" <> wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I got a comment on my blog:
>> Hi, I think, it¹s a great project! Please, make this project more
>>visible, we are using Maven for Java and we searched for ³.net
>>dependency management². All we found was some alpha projects at codplex
>>(refix and crude have around 30 downloads). After an extensive search we
>>have found NuGet and OpenWrap. I have found this project completely
>>accidentally!!! It would be really useful to get least some google hits
>>to npanday on the first pageŠ.
>Any concrete ideas on how to make NPanday more visible?

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