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From Lars Corneliussen>
Subject Re: AssemblyInfo.cs Best Practices
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 08:02:23 GMT
Hi Anthony,

if NPanday finds an AssemblyInfo, it'll update the version attributes. you can use
to generate it - but it's quite limited in terms of attribute support.

1.3-SNAPSHOT will be written to the AssemblyInformationalVersionInfo only - which doesn't
have a hard requirement on the format. AssemblyFileVersion and AssemblyVersion will be

I think it would be a good idea not to touch AssemblyInfo.cs, if the version is up to date...
For SVN and GIT that won't matter, but for more restrictive (pessimistic) VCS I see the problem.


As i look at the code i realize that AssemblyInfo-related code is quite unorganized. It would
need some cleanup.
I filed a issue for it:

Feel free to comment and help us sort out how this should be done in a better way.

Am 14.10.2011 um 08:33 schrieb Anthony Whitford:

> I'm looking for an explanation for how AssemblyInfo.cs is supposed to be managed.
> It contains version information, that ideally be synchronized with the pom.xml -- and
I see that the act of building may result in a modification of the AssemblyInfo.cs file --
which is odd to me since this file is considered source, and source shouldn't really be modified
during a build process.
> I was also surprised to see it set the version to "1.3-SNAPSHOT" which matches the pom,
but doesn't fit into the Microsoft version model.
> I wondered if there was a plugin designed to generate AssemblyInfo.cs, rather than manage
it as a pure source file.
> I wondered if anybody leveraged "build-helper:parse-version" and resource filtering to
manage the AssemblyInfo.cs content:
> Is there a standard location that AssemblyInfo.cs should live?
> Thanks,
> Anthony

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