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From Chris Whelan <>
Subject Query on usage of dotnet-archive
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2011 14:59:48 GMT
Hi all,

I'm pulling in some .NET dependencies from an internal Artifactory
repository which I'm trying to use in NPanday.  At first I thought this
wouldn't be possible because the repository stores everything in .zip files.
 The group that owns the repo prefer to zip everything up due to storage
constraints and the fact that they currently use this approach instead of
NPanday (
 It's also a nice way of keeping the pdb and xml files alongside the DLL I

I'm planning to use NPanday for my app but I need to source some of my
dependencies from their zip files.  Looking through the documentation it
seems the dependency type 'dotnet-archive' is the way to go.

My project is a WPF .NET 4 class library.  I've added a couple of
dependencies of type 'dotnet-archive' to my pom file and they correctly
resolve against the artifactory repo and pull down the necessary zip files:


but I'm getting this error:

[INFO] --- maven-compile-plugin:1.4.0-incubating:compile (default-compile) @
myapp-ui-components ---
[INFO] NPANDAY-066-013: Found Vendor = Vendor = MICROSOFT, Vendor Version =
4.0, Framework Version = 4.0, Executable Paths =
[C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319, C:\Program Files\Microsoft
SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\bin\NETFX 4.0 Tools]
[INFO] NPANDAY-068-003: Compiling Artifact: Vendor = MICROSOFT, Language =
MICROSOFT, Assembly Name =
[INFO] NPANDAY-068-005: Found executable path for csc:
fatal error CS0009: Metadata file
'c:\Working\dev\myapp-ui\target\' could not be opened
-- 'File is corrupt.'

If I extract the zip file from my local maven repo it seems to be correct
and contains a DLL, a PDB and an XML doc file.

All I've done so far is include dependencies of type dotnet-archive and
hoped it would 'just work'.  Is this the correct usage of the dotnet-archive

In particular I'm only using the NPanday maven-compile-plugin.  This page:
to suggest that the custom-lifecycle-maven-plugin may be required and
that unpack-dependencies should also be used?

I've attempted extracting the dependencies with this setup:


But this seems to cause maven to get confused and start trying to resolve my
other GAC dependencies (e.g. System.Xaml, PresentationFramework) from the
repo.  If I remove this plug-in configuration these errors go away and
System.Xaml and friends are correctly pulled from the GAC again.  I may be
incorrectly configuring the unpack-dependencies goal in which case I
apologise for my stupidity :).  I would have thought excludeTransitive would
solve this but it doesn't seem to help, so I'm wondering if I'm using the
wrong lifecycle phase as I assume this has to be run *after* NPanday pulls
the zip from the repo but *before* the dependencies are passed into MSBuild.

Does anybody have a good example of how this should work?  Will the
dependencies be extracted from the zip automatically and passed to MSBuild
by NPanday or do I have to include an unpack-dependencies execution for the
dll's to be added as references for the compile phase?  Is process-resources
the right stage at which to unpack?  How does the
custom-lifecycle-maven-plugin help for this use case, do I need it?

Many thanks,

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