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From Khai Do <>
Subject RE: using npanday to build WPF applications
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 22:42:16 GMT
Thanks for the tip Josimpson.  I didn't use the VS plugin before just hand created the pom.xml
and pointed to dependencies straight from the npanday repository.  Now I just tried installing
the npanday-1.3-incubating.msi installer (VS add-in + repository), generated the pom from
VS 2010 then ran a maven build.  My VS solution contains 7 projects, so it creates a multi-module
project with a parent pom.  When I run the build the first 6 modules (all libraries) built
without error and it gets installed into the my local repository under my home folder.  When
npanday attempts to build the last module (WPF winexe) it fails because it cannot resolve
a transitive dependency, one of the modules that got built before this module. It seems to
be looking in the wrong location for some reason.  The build attempts to look in my "<local
repro>/bin/Dashboard/.." folder which isn't correct because 'bin' isn't the groupId that
was setup when the pom files were created. It should be something like "<local repro>/Microsoft/Dashboard/..".
 This is the actual error..

1) bin:Dashboard.LlrpInterop:dotnet-library:Debug

The library does exist, it's just in "<local repro>/Microsoft/Dashboard/.."

Have you run into this problem with your builds?

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