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From Lars Corneliussen>
Subject Re: Unhandled Exception executing NPanday.Plugin.Loader.exe
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2011 11:57:07 GMT

the problem is, that the Code that creates the settings is a 
.NET-Maven-Plugin wrapped though a JavaBinding-Mojo.

And the JavaBinding runs "NPanday.Plugin.Loader.exe" in order to execute 

On my machine the Unhandled Exception occured, because of confusions in 
.NET versions - which the settings should tidy up ... :(((

We have discussed to move the SDK-detection logic to plain java code 
such that it doesn't need to run .NET code in order to create the settings.

this must sound terribly confuse.


Am 21.04.11 01:16, schrieb Khai Do:
> I believe I have figured it out.  It has nothing to do with the OS version that I was
using.  I've found that I get the unhandled exception when npanday-settings.xml is missing
from C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.m2 folder.  I had this file on my WinXP machine
because I used npanday on it before the npanday-1.3-incubating release therefore the build
ran without error.  I only saw the problem when I ran builds on a clean windows 7 machine
after the npanday-1.3-incubating release.  The 1.3 release doesn't install this file on builds
thus causing the failure to occur.  The installer out on
 doesn't install this file either.  I believe this is a real npanday bug.  Attached is the
missing npanday-settings.xml.

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