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From "Jamie Kemp" <>
Subject RE: Resource file issues
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 08:18:35 GMT
I have managed to fix the issue by applying the patch provided at Is there a
reason this patch has not been applied to the incubating release? 

If you are intending to fix in a different way is this something I can
assist with and provide a patch for inclusion? Even though I have rolled my
own version of the resgen plugin for now I would prefer to stick to the core
releases where possible.



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From: Jamie Kemp [] 
Sent: 10 April 2011 08:04
Subject: RE: Resource file issues


Please find attached the pom file which i have slightly edited to hide SVN
repository details. The referenced dotnet-parent pom defines location of our
distribution repositories and also sets the versions of most of the NPanday
plugins so I do not have to do that in every projects pom file.

Updating the entries that appear in .csproj appears to make no difference in
visual studio. The only way is to change the resource.resx file to look up a
directory which still does not resolve the issue as then NPanday will not
compile the project! So NPanday and Visual Studio are not compiling
resources in the same way. As below:

Visual Studio
Resources path: trunk\resources\resources.resx Base path used:

Resources path: trunk\resources\resources.resx Base path used: trunk\

Is there something I can put in my pom file to correct this? For reference I
am using NPanday 1.2.1.



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From: Josimpson Ocaba []
Sent: 08 April 2011 23:48
Cc: Jamie Kemp
Subject: Re: Resource file issues

Hi Jamie,

can you send as a copy of your pom.xml file? Also after moving the *.ico
file upto the trunk did you also change the hintPath in the visual studio
project file? This maybe the reason why it is failing for VS.

Hope this helps.



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