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From Christoph Karner <>
Subject Re: NPanday Addin for Non-English Visual Studio
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2011 11:03:57 GMT
Hi Lars!

First of all thank you for your elaborate response.

The localization seems to be a quite straightforward task and i think i will try 
to implement that solution.
Having never developed a Visual Studio Add-In, i was surprised that such 
language related issues exist.

I'm only experimenting with NPanday out of private interest(at least for now) so 
i'm not sure how much time i can invest in it, 
but it would certainly be great to have a Visual Studio integrated Maven 
environment(for all localizations of VS).


----- Urspr√ľngliche Mail ----
Von: Lars Corneliussen <>
Gesendet: Donnerstag, den 3. Februar 2011, 19:32:39 Uhr
Betreff: NPanday Addin for Non-English Visual Studio

Hi Christoph, (und Hallo auch nochmal auf Deutsch),

I have started to implement support for German installations. We already did 
some work in NPanday 1.2 supporting "Dokumente und Einstellungen" instead of 
"Users" :) (

The simple way would certainly be to "or" all the language names, but it would 
not be the clean way to do it. I think we have two options.

1) Easy, but still clean: Use .NET Localization for customized Menu-item names
2) Better, but quite hard: Move from "Addin" to "Integration package", which 
will enable language-agnostic communication with Visual Studio via cmd-ids. 

More on option 1)

Last spring I started to fix the issues for 1.2, but I didn't manage to finish 
them. The code is still on github.

We/You :-) had to do two things:

a) Enable support for sattelite assemblies
- Generate a list of all cultures into npanday-settings.xml 
- Do not link *.[culturecode].resources into the main assembly 
- Create a satelite assembly for each of the culture-codes and attach it to the 
artifact (npanday.plugin:maven-compile-plugin:compile-satelite-assemblies)
b) Refactor the addin to use Resources instead of fixed strings. It would also 
be good, to move to command pattern for the commands. I started the work here. 
Some time ago I rebased it to the current code base - but I didn't test it.

Compare with SVN:


Related issues:
- NPANDAY-254: Support for localized Satelite Assemblies (Globalization, 
Multi-language) (
- NPANDAY-228: VS Addin only works for English installations 

Related discussions
- Italian/Spanish VS-Addin translation contribution 
- Installation problem on Visual Studio 2005/2008 

NPanday Committer

Am 03.02.11 00:34, schrieb Josimpson Ocaba:
> ----- "Christoph Karner"<>  wrote:
>>> --
>>> Joe Ocaba
>>> ----- "Christoph Karner" de>  wrote:
>>>> hello!
>>>> im experimenting with npanday 1.3-incubating and ran into a few
>>>> problems:
>>>>   * the visual studio add-in starts succesfully, yet there are no
>>>> npanday entries
>>>> in the solution/project context menu
>>>> (add-in installed with installer)
>>>>   * when i try to create a project from command line, maven doesnt
>> seem
>>>> to find
>>>> the archetype
>>>>      as it fails complaining that there is no pom.xml in the
>> directory
>>>> (the
>>>> repository is in my .m2 though)
>>>> my configuration
>>>> maven 3
>>>> visual studio 2010 (german)
>>> thanks for taking the time in testing out 1.3 Chris. Unfortunately
>> at the
>>> moment NPanday only supports Visual Studios English Version, there
>> are already
>>> issues created for German support as well as Italian and Spanish. We
>> do not have
>>> enough contributors that know the language. We would gladly accept
>> patches for
>>> this so that NPanday can work on other languages as well.
>> thanks for your help!
>> i thought it would be something like that, did not find any issues
>> though.
>> what would i have to do to add german language support myself?
> You would need to build the source code and in 
>\dotnet\assemblies\NPanday.VisualStudio.Addin\Connect.cs you need to modify 
>launchNPandayBuildSystem function there is a loop that checks for the specific 
>Control Caption in the running VS
>   i.e. if (control.Caption.Equals("C&onfiguration Manager..."))
> you can include the german equivalent for this.
>>> for the creating of the project what command did you use?
>> i used
>>    mvn archetype:generate
>> -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-dotnet-simple
>> -DarchetypeGroupId=npanday
>> -DarchetypeVersion=1.3-incubating
>> as stated in "Creating a simple project". i dont see anything wrong
>> with it.
>> also tested it on my linux machine by now and it worked like a
>> charm...
>> the machine where it doesnt work runs windows xp by the way.
>> also i never used maven on windows before, so it could be that im
>> overlooking
>> something.
> NPanday was originally developed under the windows XP OS, so it should work 
> You can check out the docs here 
>> regards,chris

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