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From Lars Corneliussen>
Subject NPanday Addin for Non-English Visual Studio
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 18:32:39 GMT
Hi Christoph, (und Hallo auch nochmal auf Deutsch),

I have started to implement support for German installations. We already 
did some work in NPanday 1.2 supporting "Dokumente und Einstellungen" 
instead of "Users" :) (

The simple way would certainly be to "or" all the language names, but it 
would not be the clean way to do it. I think we have two options.

  1) Easy, but still clean: Use .NET Localization for customized 
Menu-item names
  2) Better, but quite hard: Move from "Addin" to "Integration package", 
which will enable language-agnostic communication with Visual Studio via 

More on option 1)

Last spring I started to fix the issues for 1.2, but I didn't manage to 
finish them. The code is still on github.

We/You :-) had to do two things:

a) Enable support for sattelite assemblies
  - Generate a list of all cultures into npanday-settings.xml 
  - Do not link *.[culturecode].resources into the main assembly 
  - Create a satelite assembly for each of the culture-codes and attach 
it to the artifact 
b) Refactor the addin to use Resources instead of fixed strings. It 
would also be good, to move to command pattern for the commands. I 
started the work here. Some time ago I rebased it to the current code 
base - but I didn't test it.

Compare with SVN:

Related issues:
  - NPANDAY-254: Support for localized Satelite Assemblies 
(Globalization, Multi-language) 
  - NPANDAY-228: VS Addin only works for English installations 

Related discussions
  - Italian/Spanish VS-Addin translation contribution 
  - Installation problem on Visual Studio 2005/2008 

NPanday Committer

Am 03.02.11 00:34, schrieb Josimpson Ocaba:
> ----- "Christoph Karner"<>  wrote:
>>> --
>>> Joe Ocaba
>>> ----- "Christoph Karner" de>  wrote:
>>>> hello!
>>>> im experimenting with npanday 1.3-incubating and ran into a few
>>>> problems:
>>>>   * the visual studio add-in starts succesfully, yet there are no
>>>> npanday entries
>>>> in the solution/project context menu
>>>> (add-in installed with installer)
>>>>   * when i try to create a project from command line, maven doesnt
>> seem
>>>> to find
>>>> the archetype
>>>>      as it fails complaining that there is no pom.xml in the
>> directory
>>>> (the
>>>> repository is in my .m2 though)
>>>> my configuration
>>>> maven 3
>>>> visual studio 2010 (german)
>>> thanks for taking the time in testing out 1.3 Chris. Unfortunately
>> at the
>>> moment NPanday only supports Visual Studios English Version, there
>> are already
>>> issues created for German support as well as Italian and Spanish. We
>> do not have
>>> enough contributors that know the language. We would gladly accept
>> patches for
>>> this so that NPanday can work on other languages as well.
>> thanks for your help!
>> i thought it would be something like that, did not find any issues
>> though.
>> what would i have to do to add german language support myself?
> You would need to build the source code and in \dotnet\assemblies\NPanday.VisualStudio.Addin\Connect.cs
you need to modify launchNPandayBuildSystem function there is a loop that checks for the specific
Control Caption in the running VS
>   i.e. if (control.Caption.Equals("C&onfiguration Manager..."))
> you can include the german equivalent for this.
>>> for the creating of the project what command did you use?
>> i used
>>    mvn archetype:generate
>> -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-dotnet-simple
>> -DarchetypeGroupId=npanday
>> -DarchetypeVersion=1.3-incubating
>> as stated in "Creating a simple project". i dont see anything wrong
>> with it.
>> also tested it on my linux machine by now and it worked like a
>> charm...
>> the machine where it doesnt work runs windows xp by the way.
>> also i never used maven on windows before, so it could be that im
>> overlooking
>> something.
> NPanday was originally developed under the windows XP OS, so it should work fine.
> You can check out the docs here
>> regards,chris

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