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From Christoph Karner <>
Subject AW: problems with 1.3-incubating
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 19:03:42 GMT
> -- 
> Joe Ocaba 
> ----- "Christoph Karner" de> wrote:
> > hello!
> > 
> > im experimenting with npanday 1.3-incubating and ran into a few
> > problems:
> >  * the visual studio add-in starts succesfully, yet there are no
> > npanday entries
> > in the solution/project context menu
> > (add-in installed with installer)
> >  * when i try to create a project from command line, maven doesnt seem
> > to find
> > the archetype
> >     as it fails complaining that there is no pom.xml in the directory
> > (the
> > repository is in my .m2 though)
> > 
> > my configuration
> > maven 3
> > visual studio 2010 (german)
> thanks for taking the time in testing out 1.3 Chris. Unfortunately at the 
>moment NPanday only supports Visual Studios English Version, there are already 
>issues created for German support as well as Italian and Spanish. We do not have 
>enough contributors that know the language. We would gladly accept patches for 
>this so that NPanday can work on other languages as well.

thanks for your help!

i thought it would be something like that, did not find any issues though.
what would i have to do to add german language support myself? 

> for the creating of the project what command did you use?

i used 

  mvn archetype:generate 
-DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-dotnet-simple -DarchetypeGroupId=npanday 

as stated in "Creating a simple project". i dont see anything wrong with it. 
also tested it on my linux machine by now and it worked like a charm...
the machine where it doesnt work runs windows xp by the way.
also i never used maven on windows before, so it could be that im overlooking 


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