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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Fixing integration tests and running them against 0.14
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 05:52:49 GMT

On 18/08/2008, at 8:15 AM, Carlos Sanchez wrote:

> I've been working in the integration tests lately and fixed some of  
> the problems
> - found a workaround for trunk to work, copying dotnet toolchain to
> M2_HOME/lib NMAVEN-186
> with this workaround most of the integration tests pass
> - fixed test compilation in trunk NMAVEN-192
> - make integration tests in trunk run against 0.14 NMAVEN-193 and  
> NMAVEN-186
> just needs search and replace and a small patch in 0.14
> - hit problem with NUnit tests execution, no tests are executed
> NMAVEN-8 (reopened)
> If NUnit problem NMAVEN-8 is fixed (waiting for comment from Shane)
> then I can continue testing. Right now all integration tests but the
> ones involving NUnit seem to work against trunk and 0.14.

Unless anyone else is planning to, I can start to take a look at these  
over the next few days.

> Also is the convention to require NUnit explicitly listed in the pom
> to run the tests? seems so as the tests need to be annotated with
> NUnit annotations

That would make sense to me - same as junit, etc in Java?

- Brett

Brett Porter

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