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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject NMaven 0.14 Feedback
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2008 15:28:16 GMT
I've been working with 0.14 + the patches in JIRA (and possibly some
patches that haven't been submitted yet).  I want to hold off opening
more issues until the current set gets reviewed, but here are some
comments so far:

* All of the right-click menu items say "Maven" except the project
importer which says NMaven: Import Project.  Looks like NMAVEN-119 is
only for the command-line pom generator, can we get an issue open for
the companion VS integration, so I have somewhere to comment?

* The right-click menu lists Maven Phase -> Build, but 'build' is not
a phase in the Maven lifecycle.  Should it be compile?

* On the "Stop Maven Build..." menu item, the ellipsis indicates that
there will be another dialog, but there isn't one.

* Can "Stop Maven Build" be greyed out when a build is not running?

* Now that I've clicked Tools -> NMaven Build System, it disappeared
from the Tools menu.  How do I turn off/shut down the NMaven Build

* The 'Output' window does not appear automatically when I click Tools
-> NMaven Build System, and I think it used to.  If it's not already
open, there is no feedback that anything happened.

* For the VS integration, the new once-off invocation of mvn (rather
than the long-running Jetty process) seems to be working fine.  It
takes us back to Maven 2.0.x, which makes it more consistent with the
Java builds.

I'm looking forward to seeing the functionality from 0.14 re-appear on
trunk, so we can move up soon. :)


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