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From Brett Porter <>
Subject platform independence for the build
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2007 20:47:14 GMT

Given we have a fresh start - is it a reasonable expectation to be  
able to build the entire package on any platform (including my Mac  
with no .Net software install whatsoever)?

What I'm thinking of here:
* unit tests don't touch the .net/mono installation(s)
* maven-like integration test setup that can be executed for a single  
nmaven version against a set of installed target platforms
* any platform specific builds in a profile (if we get back to plugins  
or modules written in C#)

I'm not all that worried about the last one, but I would really like  
to get the platform specifics out of the *unit* tests - should I just  
go about filing issues and/or fixing these?

Currently, I get as far as: testInit_WithGacGenericAndMicrosoft (and  
related tests).

- Brett

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