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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Creating IT Tests
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 23:49:34 GMT
Are you looking to write ITs for the plugins, or the system as a  
whole? As you can see from the dev@ discussion about the invoker, the  
testing situation is still a bit of an inconsistent mess.

The core-integration-testing module for the Maven system tests works  
well and under the current structure that might be the best way to go.  
I think Dan has replicated such an environment for plugin testing  
which sounds perfect - though I have to admit I haven't looked at the  
surefire tests just yet to see how that works.

This actually brings me to a bigger question though - in Maven we  
realised early on that each plugin would need to be decoupled from the  
core release cycle. NMaven is still in the stage where all the plugins  
are in sync with the larger system - is that expected to continue, or  
is it likely the NMaven core libraries will be one thing released  
together, and then the plugins folded into /plugins/ ?


On 13/12/2007, at 6:05 AM, Shane Isbell wrote:

> On the current NMaven trunk, there are a number of IT tests using
> maven-core-it-verifier, most of these are going to be invalid and  
> need to be
> rewritten.
> Under the Maven 2.1 trunk, I see there are a lot of new core  
> integration
> testing plugins. Does anyone on the list have experience on using  
> these? And
> possibly be able to help out by setting up a few tests to get things
> started?
> Thanks,
> Shane

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