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From Sander Temme <>
Subject Re: Sanity check
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2007 17:48:09 GMT

On Feb 11, 2007, at 8:30 AM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> Of course this belongs on dev@httpd, but I'll bring it back up when  
> the
> code is ready to propose.

Meanwhile, we have some commands in the list we can easily lose. Two  
questions: 1) do ftp_cmd_hook_alias registrations count towards this  
limit and 2) do ftp_cmd_hook() registrations with a NULL function count?

The current list from grep ftp_hook_cmd ftp_commands.c, with High,  
Medium, Low priority on the left:

H    ftp_hook_cmd("ABOR", ftp_cmd_abor, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("ACCT", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("ALLO", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("APPE", ftp_cmd_stor, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("AUTH", ftp_cmd_auth, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("CDUP", ftp_cmd_cdup, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("CWD", ftp_cmd_cwd, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("DELE", ftp_cmd_dele, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("EPRT", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("EPSV", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("FEAT", ftp_cmd_feat, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("HELP", ftp_cmd_help, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("LIST", ftp_cmd_list, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("LPRT", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("LPSV", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
L    ftp_hook_cmd("MAIL", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
L    ftp_hook_cmd("MDTM", ftp_cmd_mdtm, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("MKD", ftp_cmd_mkd, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
L    ftp_hook_cmd("MLFL", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("MODE", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
L    ftp_hook_cmd("MSAM", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
L    ftp_hook_cmd("MSND", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
L    ftp_hook_cmd("MSOM", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("NLST", ftp_cmd_nlst, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("NOOP", ftp_cmd_noop, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("PASS", ftp_cmd_pass, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("PASV", ftp_cmd_pasv, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("PBSZ", ftp_cmd_pbsz, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("PORT", ftp_cmd_port, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("PROT", ftp_cmd_prot, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("PWD", ftp_cmd_pwd, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("QUIT", ftp_cmd_quit, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("REIN", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("REST", ftp_cmd_rest, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("RETR", ftp_cmd_retr, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("RMD", ftp_cmd_rmd, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("RNFR", ftp_cmd_rnfr, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("RNTO", ftp_cmd_rnto, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("SITE", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
?    ftp_hook_cmd("SIZE", ftp_cmd_size, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
L    ftp_hook_cmd("SMNT", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("STAT", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("STOR", ftp_cmd_stor, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("STOU", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
M    ftp_hook_cmd("STRU", NULL, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("SYST", ftp_cmd_syst, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("TYPE", ftp_cmd_type, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd("USER", ftp_cmd_user, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd_alias("XCUP", "CDUP", FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd_alias("XCWD", "CWD", FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd_alias("XMKD", "MKD", FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd_alias("XPWD", "PWD", FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd_alias("XRMD", "RMD", FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd_alias("BOR", "ABOR", FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd_alias("\xf2" "ABOR", "ABOR", FTP_HOOK_LAST,
H    ftp_hook_cmd_alias("\xf4" "ABOR", "ABOR", FTP_HOOK_LAST,

I have 37 H, 11 M, 7 L and once again couldn't find a description of  
the SIZE command in my RFC collection or on http:// .

So, we have 7 commands that we can weed out immediately, and 11 that  
seem not quite so important... I have let the question of whether we  
implement these commands already guide my assessment above. If we  
don't have mod_ssl, we shouldn't have to register the AUTH, PBSZ,  
PROT commands.

All IMHO of course.


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