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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject mod_ftp, FINAL steps; closing the lists.
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2007 03:35:08 GMT
>>  1. mod_ftp be a httpd sub-project (ala mod_box)

It is now *CLOSED* (gone, in fact, if you look in /incubator)...
and has a new home (thanks Roy) here:

To move over your currently checked out trunk of mod_ftp, use;

  svn switch

and you'll be there.  httpd committers are all set.  I've looked
at the commit activity of the non-httpd committers and see none
who used their commit privileges during incubation.   I would like
to point out that Ryan Morgan engineered a significant portion of
the original code (hey Ryan!) and if/when he has a chance to get
heads-down again in mod_ftp, we would be glad to commit your first
few patches and then consider review committership on merit, with
all honor and glory considered for your original design :)

>>  2. mod_ftp will use the httpd lists (dev, user, etc...)
>>     and not have separate lists

mod_ftp-dev@ is closing NOW.  Subscribe over to
(Blank note to to get in).  But I
think most folks here are there already.  Also, subscribe now to for all commit traffic from this point on.

Infrastructure, can mod_ftp-dev subscribes and emails bounce with
instructions to find the discussion now at
Please simply close mod_ftp-cvs@, it should get no more traffic now.

**  3. close

I am cleaning up
and moving it to graduated, and starting the new subproject entry with it's summary at - I'll have this committed

It's been a treat, see you at dev@httpd :)


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