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From Niklas Edmundsson <>
Subject Re: Progress of migration to current APR API?
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 22:21:57 GMT
On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

>> - When connecting it doesn't emit the "220 yada" line until I throw
>>   some data at it. This makes FTP clients not work. strace of the
>>   httpd process shows that accept isn't even called until I press
>>   enter, this leads me to believe that httpd doesn't call accept until
>>   it gets input on the socket as this is what HTTP does.
> The syntax change is
> # Tell Apache which port it should listen to.
> Listen 8021 ftp
> AcceptFilter ftp none
> for example.

Ah, that solves the problem. It definately needs to be documented in 
the mod_ftp docco/examples though, unless it's possible to make 
mod_ftp automagically set that config option on the listen-port it's 
bound to.

> We can deploy this for PASV too, but not for PORT.  Note that the PASV
> listeners aren't in the MPM's listener pool, they shouldn't be affected
> just yet.

I'm eagerly awaiting fixes for the nullpointer-stuff, it's starting to 
feel like we're getting somewhere now :-)

On a side note, I browsed through the source and stumbled upon REST 
not being LFS capable. I have a patch that fixes that which should be 
correct but I want to test it before submitting it, just saying I'm on 
top of that one so others don't waste time on it :)

  Niklas Edmundsson, Admin @ {acc,hpc2n}      |
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