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From Sander Temme <>
Subject Re: Near time for graduation?
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2006 18:13:43 GMT

On Dec 14, 2006, at 10:30 PM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> I'd like to 'start the clock' twords a graduation vote on Tues  
> 12/19.  This
> means time to clean up the old build/* cruft, for example, prune  
> dead tests,
> and finish any docs s/covalent/apache/ such that it's really ready  
> to adopt
> at the httpd project.

I like it.

> I'd like to then (if vote passes) have httpd vote to accept  
> starting on the
> 22nd.  If they agree, finally have incubator vote to release from  
> incubation.
> I'd like to see the docs structure mirror the httpd repository,  
> e.g. the
> man page buried in
> docs/manual/mod/mod_ftp.xml(.html)
> etc.  I'd already done this with modules/ftp/ such that it's ready  
> to drop in
> on top of httpd's repository IF they are ever merged.

This is already the case: docs/manual contains the ftp and mod  
directories: the former can currently be symlinked from httpd/docs/ 
manual, and the latter has mod_ftp.xml and mod_ftp.xml.meta, which  
can be symlinked from httpd/docs/manual/mod. If you then run a docs  
build from your httpd trunk checkout, the mod_ftp documentation gets  
built along with the httpd stuff.

Ready to slide right in.


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