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From Sander Temme <>
Subject mod_ftp documentation migration
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 16:00:27 GMT

I had some time today to work on the mod_ftp documentation. Wrowe  
mailed me the documentation archive for Covalent FTP, and I have  
started to migrate this prose to mod_ftp and the httpd manual format.

I think the page layout should resemble that of mod_ssl: a page in  
the docs/manual/mod directory with the mod_ftp directives, and a  
subdirectory docs/manual/ftp that has the background, details,  
configuration examples and finer points.

The original documents are all in FrameMaker, in a format that has  
some <tags> but also a lot of binary data and is definitely not (SG|X) 
ML. I don't have FrameMaker, but a downloaded trial copy was able to  
save all sources in XML format, which makes it a lot more legible.  
Covalent FTP was a standalone product, so the manual contains a lot  
of stuff about installation and AAA that we don't need here at this  
level of detail.

Unless someone objects, tomorrow I will commit the PDF of the  
original manual, then start pushing prose into a set of source files  
that will slide into the httpd docs/manual hierarchy. If I have any  
questions about formatting or files, I'll take it up with the httpd- 
docs folks. I won't commit the Frame files (why would I?) or the  
saved XML files (in case the trial license is finnicky about doing  
actually useful stuff). I'm thinking:

docs/manual/mod/mod_ftp.xml -- FTP module directives

Ideas? Concerns?



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