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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Where to go from here?
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 19:24:47 GMT

  1) we have pushback from Roy that all httpd subprojects should go poof.
     Not that this will absolutely happen, but we will have to see what
     the dialog bears out.  Perhaps under httpd TLP, perhaps still an
     httpd subproject, perhaps a TLP in it's own right.  I don't think
     we should make an assumption here, but leave that to the project
     once we are ready.

  2) docs.  What docs ;-?  Actually Noiren voulenteered and has picked
     up the 'proprietary docs' (offered under the code grant) to normalize
     them to the 'httpd docs' format and 'Apacheize' them (bless you!)
     ApacheCon is a bit to chaotic to actually accomplish such goals, so
     we should hear word soon.  Actually, httpd-docs committers now have
     permission to commit to the docs/ tree here, too, so more the merrier.

  3) build.  Yup - we need build, grrr :-/  Our build sucks, but then again,
     all the existing config templates suck too with respect to integrating
     into httpd 2 (php, mod_jk, modpython, modperl, pick one and you can
     nitpick it to death).  It's one of those "there has to be a better way"
     puzzles to be solved.

If we can solve 2 and 3 over the next month, we can probably leapfrog this
back to httpd.  The fact that we went the whole 'community' route and not
IP clearance is probably good, we are growing said community beyond the
employees of the original contributor, and people like it/are using it ;-)

I'd like to plan end-of-August for the 'graduation vote'.  Comments?

Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Upon further reflection, since the codebase was mature at the
> time, we should have entered incubation simply as a IP
> clearance issue. Since this is done, should we just propose
> graduation?
> But before that can happen, we need to ensure we
> interface as required with the httpd build environ.
> .

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