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From Kanagasabai Sriskanthaverl <>
Subject mod_ftp patch: New directive FTPDirUmask
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 07:02:56 GMT
Hi guys,
I have written a patch for mod_ftp, which defines a new directive
FTPDirUmask, allows to configure the umask for MKDIR command.

FTPDirUmask directive
Syntax: FTPDirUmask umask
Context: Server Config
Default: 022
Compatibility: 2.0

The FTPDirUmask directive tells Apache what permissions to use by
default on new directories created via ftp sessions.

Though it is similar to FTPUmask in its basic, it behaves differently.
Since having read permission without execute permission does not means
much for a directory, the mask is revised to give x permissions when
ever the read permission is given. But enabling x permission does not
automatically provide r permission; there are people wanting people to
just be able to drop files and grepping specific files they know the
names of, but not want them to list the contents.

Say the mask is 023; instead of denying x permission to the world
while r is given, it ands(&) the x bit with r bit(here it is
0). hence the effective mask is 022.

The patch file is attached herewith.

Thanks & Regards

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