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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Where are we?
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2006 08:55:01 GMT
Well, pre-AC it didn't build.  Now that it builds, I think we checked
in some bit of 'extra cruft' of automake that's been factored out, but
we need to discover which of the new files can now be axed.

I'm mostly concerned that we have a tarball 'incubator release' before
we move it back into httpd.

There's also an edge case segv I'm tracking, and should be able to gut
it.  We have a perl framework suite that should be incorporated (under
the source code grant) before it's promoted back to httpd.

Other than that - with several non-Covalent and former-Covalent folks
lurking and working here, I'm fairly confident this no longer has any
diversity issues.  Let's set a timetable to be able to cut that incubator
candidate, say end of next week?  Can everyone who's been experimenting
try adding their comments here by then?


Sander Temme wrote:
> Folks,
> Looking at our Incubator status page on < 
> projects/mod_ftp.html>, I wonder what we still have left to do. I'm  
> only seeing completed tasks with dates next to them, no incomplete,  
> assigned tasks with names next to them.
> So what's keeping us from voting this puppy out?
> S.

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